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White Rice Party
Silver Clan.png
Kanji 白米党
Rōmaji Hakumai-tō
Clan Information
Insignia 35px-Silver_Clan_Insignia.png
King Adolf K. Weismann
Aura Silver
Base Yashiro's dorm at Ashinaka High School
Location Ashinaka High School
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 12

The White Rice Party (白米党, Hakumai-tō) is a Clan that operates in Tokyo Metropolis at Ashinaka High School, using Yashiro's dorm as its base. Its King is Adolf K. Weismann.



Membership Admission[]

There is no formal admission to become a Clansman of the White Rice Party. As Yashiro Isana said to Kuroh Yatogami, "There's no need for such ceremony for us to be friends."

In order to become a Clansman, the person only needs to take the King's hand while he synced the person's bio-wave spectrum with the Silver Sanctum Spectrum, thus, granting the Clansman access of the Silver Aura.[1]


The White Rice Party is part of the Coffee Table Alliance, organised to counterattack Jungle's advances. As the King with the most knowledge of Nagare Hisui, Yashiro acts as the alliance's director.

Powers & Abilities[]


Main article: Aura

Befitting the Clan's name, members possess a Silver Aura.

This aura allows the King immortality, inviolability, and the ability to manipulate gravity. The latter ability is presumably the only ability that Clansmen obtain, and gives them a sense of lightness. [1]

Fighting Style[]

The White Rice Party Clansmen specialize greatly in agile, powerful movements to hit and evade their opponents, however their styles differ greatly. Kuroh is formally trained in Kenpo (style of the former Colourless King, Ichigen Miwa), and his spatial hand works well as a longer-ranged attack. Meanwhile, Neko has had no formal training in combat, however her agile, flexible reflexes allow her to avoid many attacks and help in fighting one on one with someone, along with her illusions providing stellar defense. Shiro mainly utilizes his umbrella in combat for defensive purposes.



Name Status
Adolf K. Weismann Active


Name Status
Neko Active
Kuroh Yatogami Active
Seri Awashima Temporary


  • The insignia of the White Rice Party is an emblem that was once a common symbol of royalty in Germany, specifically in the House of Habsburg. The Clan's version of it has "Weiß König der Silber" written, which vaguely translates to "White King of Silvers".
  • Kuroh established the Clan's name, at the request of Yashiro.[2]


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