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Uwaharu face
Kanji ウワハル
Rōmaji Uwaharu
Race Strain
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Gold
Hair Lilac
Personal Status
Status Active
Image Gallery

Uwaharu (ウワハル,Uwaharu, ') a Strain only appearing in the mobile game K: Lost King.


Uwaharu appears to be a young woman and has long, lilac hair kept in two braids that commonly fall over her shoulders, and gold eyes. Her bangs are straight and somewhat messy, with two longer portions of her hair going to her chin.

Her attire mainly consists of elaborate, black material with yellow trim. That material are often numerous straps around her secured at the top of her neck as a makeshift collar, however she appears to also wear a tight tube top along with it. Her skirt follows a similar pattern, with the straps leaving her hips exposed, with two holes on either side containing yellow thread wrapping around, followed by a circular piece of metal attached for where both straps intersect.

She wears two matching, silver cat earrings, and has a gold necklace with a silver bell attached to it.

As a cat, her design follows similar design to Neko's form, but her fur is black, and has a tuft of fur on her head.


Uwaharu is a blunt, rather confident woman who often comments on events in Lost King.


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