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Misaki YataEdit

Support Support - The others are too bland in my opinion and I find Yata to be a more interesting character. Plus, his page is illustrated and well-referenced. Ultraprime2 Talk  13:47,10/18/2012 

Shouhei AkagiEdit

Kuroh YatogamiEdit

  1. Support Support - Well written, illustrated, referenced. Glass Heart (GHeart) 13:32,10/18/2012 
  2. Support Support - What Glass said and he's my fave character =P Remnant13 Talk 13:34,10/18/2012

7th kings powers--TECHNOCAIN (talk) 04:12, April 19, 2017 (UTC) Edit

Ichigan had the powers to see in the future, the colourless King had the power of corrupting and taking people identities. So if you were the 7th King, what powers do you think you would have.