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Takeru Kusuhara
Img character kusuhara.png
Kanji 楠原剛
Rōmaji Kusuhara Takeru
Race Human
Age 20[1]
Birthday May 5,1992[2]
Horoscope Taurus
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation 35px-SCEPTER4_Insignia.png Scepter 4
Previous Occupation Clansman
Previous Base of Operations Scepter 4 HQ
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Aura Blue
Weapon Saber
First appearance
Anime Debut K Seven Stories
Novel Debut K SIDE:BLUE
Japanese Voice Shimba Tsuchiya
English Voice Max Mittelman
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Takeru Kusuhara (楠原剛, Kusuhara Takeru) was a member of Scepter 4 and the main protagonist of K: SIDE BLUE novel.


Takeru has brown eyes and short, messy black hair. He is short and looks somewhat young and boyish.he has a Baby face like a child[3]

He wears the typical Blue Clansmen uniform. It consists of a white shirt tucked underneath a closed, blue overcoat with prominent black and gold-coloured lining. Below the waist, he wears dark blue pants and knee-high, low-heeled black boots with metallic plates attached.


Takuru is Friendly and sociable. He enters into relationships with walls without being afraid of them he often says things without thinking too much.[4] Takeru is the type to try something over and over again until he has it down perfectly, at work he tries to catch up with his surroundings in a direct effort[5] even though he thinks himself a bit of a klutz. He likes to please other people, is kind, caring, and is a hard worker. He feels inferior to others he thinks are stronger. He is a normal member in SCEPTER 4 that doesn't know what's going on as  he is the most inexperienced member, remarked by Akira as being like a "puppy", or charming.


Takeru was part of the Riot Squad, under the supervision of Tamura Atsushi, of the Metropolitan Police Department where he first met Reisi Munakata, the Blue King and leader of SCEPTER 4. When he deflected invisible strikes from a Strain robbing a store, Reisi complimented him and later invited him to join SCEPTER 4 to further develop and make use of his ability.


Takeru accepted the invitation and joined Scepter 4, getting along well with his new coworkers and training hard to understand his new powers. Seeing his potential, Reisi put him under the direct tutelage of Gōki Zenjō. Over the course of his training, he is warned that he will be dismissed if he cannot master his technique and strike Seri Awashima by next week. That night, Gōki Zenjō guided him continuously and injured one of his foot since he cannot balance his feet during his training with Awashima Seri. That next week, he was able to strike Awashima's left breast. Takeru became an official member of SCEPTER 4.

During their mission on capturing Strains, a Beta Strain resisted being caught and took one of his guns trying to assassinate Reisi, Takeru sensed a bullet coming for the Captain and stepped in front of it. He was fatally wounded.

Before Kusuhara's death, he met with 18-Year-Old Fushimi Saruhiko, where Fushimi looked down on him but felt a weird sensation about his personality.[6]

Powers & Abilities[]

Blue Aura: Takeru possesses Blue Aura and is able to form his own 'sanctum' with it. In terms of strength hes C-  still relatively weak for the clan member.[7][8]


Saber: Befitting a member of Scepter 4, Takeru possesses a saber, which he uses for combat. [9] The saber's name is Ruseimaru (Shooting Star). [10]He has a intuitive reflex, he has the talent to take the “back point” of enemy attacks. He has a rare ability known as “Oni no Zenjo”[11]


  • The name Takeru means "sturdy, strength" (剛).
  • Takeru's surname Kusuhara means "camphor tree" (楠) (kusu) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).


  • His likes are Curry, hamburger, etc. Infant palate.[12]
  • His dislikes are scary stories hes not good with them[13]
  • His habits are scarching his head and Salute[14]
  • His hobbies are baseball when he was a kid he plays but makes alot of mistakes now he has no particular enthusiastic hobby that he can deeply enjoy alone. [15]
  • His sense of fashion is a set of  plain clothes[16]


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