Sword of Damocles
The Sword of Damocles.png
Kanji ダモクレスの剣
Rōmaji Damokuresu no Tsurugi
User Adolf K. Weismann/Yashiro Isana
Daikaku Kokujōji
Mikoto Suoh
Genji Kagutsu
Reisi Munakata
Jin Habari
Colorless King
Ichigen Miwa
Anna Kushina
Nagare Hisui
Iwahune Tenkei
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 8 (dream)

Sword of Damocles (ダモクレスの剣, Damokuresu no Tsurugi) is the symbol of the Kings. It's made of pure energy which manifests into a gigantic sword that hovers above the King's head whenever they use their powers.


The swords of each King have a unique design. When the previous King dies and a new one is chosen, the new King materializes a sword that is similar in design to the previous King's sword, albeit more intact, as shown with Mikoto Suoh's sword and Anna Kushina's Red Sword of Damocles.[1]

The Kings' swords are distinguished from each other by the Aura that pulsates around them. For example, Suoh's can be identified by the Red Aura, while Reisi Munakata's sword has Blue Aura pulsating around it.[2]

Damocles Down

When the sword starts to crumble and decay, it's considered dangerous and is a sign that the owner is losing control of his/her power, and as such, the sword shows the truest image of its King's condition.[3] When a King has reached its limit, Damocles Down occurs—the orb at the center of the sword will stop glowing or break into pieces, and the sword will come crashing down, thus killing the owner of the sword and everyone within a certain radius. However, this event could be prevented if the King is killed before the sword crashes into the the ground, in which case the sword will vaporize and vanish.[4]



Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Silver Clan. It is mainly silver white in color. This sword has a long blade and its grip has a curving, long segment that curves from the left side to just a bit farther than the middle of the blade on the right side. The sword has orbs representing the seven Kingly colours. The Silver orb is in the centre of the cross guard, and the Gold orb settles in the middle of the blade directly below the Silver orb. On the curved sides of the cross guard are the Red (right side) and Blue (left side) orbs. On the right, above the red orb, is the Colourless orb set on a tiny curve. The top of the handle contains the Green orb, and near the tip of the sword is the orb of the Grey King .[5] Yashiro's Sword of Damocles.png


Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Gold Clan. It is mainly gold in color with a purple orb decorating the hilt. The sword is similar to the Sword of Goujian which has a large blade with intricate patterns decorating it and a thin grip. The sword is also decorated with a cross guard which protecting the side of the grip.[6] Daikaku's Sword of Damocles.png


Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Red Clan. It is a sword with an irregular blade which bend near the tip of the blade and porous near the hilt. The cross guard has a red orb in the middle with the guard protruding to the side. It also has a swirl like shape as a grip.[7] Anna's Sword of Damocles.png


Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Blue Clan. It has an appearance reminiscent to a rapier and it's mainly blue in color. The blade has an intricate design with a blue orb decorating the hilt and the sword guard protruding in the "V" shape. It has a thin sword grip with a protector circling around it.[2] Reishi's Sword of Damocles.png


Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Green Clan. Its circular cross guard has a green orb in the centre, with a rather geometric guard expanding from a barred, diamond-shaped structure that slims down towards the end. A pendulum also swings from a pivot within the cross guard. Its blade is very irregular, with its first half protruding more out of the right side and the bottom half alternating to the left side.[8] Nagare's Sword of Damocles.png


Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Grey Clan. It's a slim blade with the handle curving downwards, and appears to a very misty in its properties. Much of its handle features elaborate curvature, and the centre's orb glows bright white. Befitting of its King, the sword strongly resembles a cross. It forms out of the Grey King's mist, and in natural lighting, the mist appears in red, orange, yellow green, blue, and violet.[9] Iwa's Sword of Damocles.png


Description Sword
This is the sword of the King of the Colorless Clan. It has a claw-like structure, has a dark stone in its center, and is mainly black in color. Fox Smoke's Sword of Damocles.png


  • The sword which appears above the Kings is from an ancient Greek myth, where a man named Damocles was offered a chance to sit on a throne and rule by the king, but with a huge sword hanging above him by a thin thread. The hanging sword became known as The Sword of Damocles ever since.
  • The seven Swords of Damocles.
    In the anime adaptation of K Seven Stories, the Swords of Damocles of the Gold and Colorless kings were altered dramatically, with the Gold Sword of Damocles now appearing to have angelic wings for its guard and its purple jewel on its hilt, and the Colorless Sword of Damocles has two demonic wings spreading from the hilt with a larger blade.


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