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Kanji 挟まろ
Rōmaji Hasama ro
English Stuck
Drama Information
Episode 08
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Stuck (挟まろ, Hasama ro) is the eighth story in the Radio Drama.


Fushimi is seen talking to Awashima on his cell about his job though he hangs up later and decides to buy himself a drink. When he buys a drink he notices a figure stuck perfectly between the two machines: Anna. The two converse and he points out the fact she is stuck though she stubbornly denies it. He takes his leave, thinking about HOMRA and how they always spouted on nonsense such as "bonds" and the like, wondering why they didn't save her already. He later goes back to help Anna but not before contacting Awashima again, though when he said he was trying to save a child (since she said she refused to have him withdraw if it was to dispute with HOMRA) only to get a stern answer from the lieutenant who thought he was joking.

Fushimi tries two times unsuccessfully to lift up the machine so Anna could get out and Mikoto soon shows up to his surprise. He is shocked when Mikoto easily (and a bit lazily) lifts the machine up for Anna and puts it back without breaking a sweat. Anna goes to thank Fushimi and calling him "Saruhiko", he tells her to go back to Mikoto and adds as she leaves to not call him by his first name. Leaving, he starts putting himself down, calling himself a fool; then stops to wonder how Anna managed to get stuck between the machines.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saruhiko Fushimi
  2. Anna Kushina
  3. Seri Awashima
  4. Mikoto Suoh


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