Race Human
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3
Manga Debut Chapter 10 (K: Memory of Red)
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An information broker who knows HOMRA and sometimes helps them by providing information. In the manga she is seen sitting at a table with incense and a crystal ball.[1]


She is tall and thin, with green eyes and curly brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders which she keeps pushed back from her face, sometimes in a ponytail. Her hair is also often decorated with small, glowing decorations that change color.[2]

She wears a long sleeved purple dress that reaches her mid calves with the left sleeve hanging off her shoulder, a darker purple belt with decorations matching the ones in her hair, a sleeveless white dress just an inch longer underneath, and purple shoes.

Just under her eyes are three pink lines. She also wears purple lipstick and white hoop earrings.[2]


She seems to be very friendly and loyal to HOMRA and to be on quite good terms with them, as she was able to call Yata directly for help.[2]



The shopkeeper tells Kamamoto about "Mole".

Prior to Tatara Totsuka's murder, she is seen telling Rikio Kamamoto what she knows about a Strain called "Mole".[3]

She calls Misaki Yata for help when members of the gang HOMRA attacked come to her shop in the mall looking for information about HOMRA.[2]

When Yata arrives she stands just behind him to tell him what's going on, but becomes frightened and runs to hide again when one of the gang members pulls out a gun.

After Yata and other HOMRA members beat up the thugs and leave she calls the police. She tells them that the thugs on the floor came into her shop trying to extort money from her and "completely trashed the place". When the cop tries to ask her how they ended up beaten on the floor she avoids the question and insinuates that he's not taking her seriously, unwilling to say that Yata or HOMRA were involved.[2]


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