Shizume Town
Shizume City Map
Kanji 鎮目町
Rōmaji Shizume Cho
Location Information
Type Town
Location Tokyo Metropolis, Japan
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (K: Memory of Red)
Novel Debut K SIDE:RED
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Shizume Town is the base of HOMRA.[1] Being one of the cities of Tokyo Metropolis[2], it's not that distant from School Island.[1] With robotic cleaners, convenient means of transportation and other great advancements in technology, the town maintains a high standard of living.[3]


Shizume Town is located on the eastern side of Tokyo Metropolis.


Some parts of Shizume Town are controlled by their respective gangs, fuming a rivalry between different groups. It is shown that the world is aware of the existence of the Clans and their Kings, as Akagi had heard the rumors which made him want to join HOMRA and a gang member had also asked Yata and the others if they were from HOMRA. However, despite the fact that the HOMRA members were shown using their powers in broad daylight with lots of witnesses, it is shown that it isn't treated as a big deal.[3]


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