Item Information
Type Blimp
User Daikaku Kokujōji (former)
Adolf K Weismann
First appearance
Anime Debut K: Missing Kings


Originally known as the Himmelreich, was fixed by the Timeless Palace by order of the Gold King Daikaku Kokujōji to heal Adolf K Weismann after the Himmelreich had crashed. The same ship was used to safely secure Yashiro after the Ashinaka High School incident with the Red King Mikoto Suoh and the Colorless King. Kokujōji later passes away inside Shiro's bedroom of the Schattenreich. Yashiro later crashes the Schrattenreich into the Yomito gate during the attack on Jungle's base.

Exterior AppearanceEdit

Schattenreich sports an identical appearance to Himmelreich. A thick silver hull with black glass aligning the captains deck and a lower observation room below the hump. Two large railings sticking out to the sides for landing gear, a thick layer of metal rebar keeping a separate quarter of the ship with two engine propellers protruding from the sides. In the back, there are several more propellers along with a rather large railing.

On the top of the airship, "Vater unser im Schattenreich" is written.

Interior AppearanceEdit

The interior appearance of the Schattenreich sports an art deco mausoleum, and a garden. An extra room, (presumably Yashiro's bedroom) peers out from another observation deck with several archway structures and stone columns.

Trivia Edit

  • Schatten is German for shadow, while reich means kingdom, therefore Schattenreich means Kingdom of Shadow.
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