Don't let Mr. Mikoto's capture be in vain!

–Rikio speaking to Misaki Yata about the Red King's imprisonment.[1]

Rikio Kamamoto
Rikio Mugshot.png
Kanji 鎌本力夫
Rōmaji Kamamoto Rikio
Race Human
Age 20 (in K)[2][3]

21 (in K: Missing Kings)

Birthday May 18th, 1992[2][3]
Horoscope Taurus
Height 185 cm (6'1")[2][3]
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Blood Type A[2][3]
Professional Status
Affiliation 35px-Homura_Insignia.png HOMRA
Occupation Clansman
Taste Tester
Base of Operations HOMRA
Personal Status
Status Active
Aura Red
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (K: Memory of Red)
Chapter 3 (K: Stray Dog Story)
Novel Debut K SIDE:RED
Game Debut K -Wonderful School Days-
Character Song Requiem of Red
Japanese Voice Yūichi Nakamura
English Voice Grant George
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Rikio Kamamoto (鎌本力夫, Kamamoto Rikio) is a member of HOMRA.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kamamoto is a tall man with tan skin and blonde hair. In winter, he becomes overweight, crops his hair short, and wears a goatee. In summer, he is thin, grows out his hair, and has a clean shaven face. His HOMRA insignia is located on his right buttock.[3]

He wears a simple jogging outfit consisting of a black shirt, gray hoodie, gray sweatpants, white bandana, and white sneakers. Kamamoto often wears his hood up, covering his head and hair, as well as a pair of sunglasses with green shades and white frames that obscure his eyes. He also wears distinct jewelry such as a chain necklace and large rings on his fingers.

During the summer, Kamamoto loses weight and turns into a skinny Adonis, much to the annoyance of his clansmen. His clansmen blame this on "heat fatigue," because he says that when it's hot out he loses his appetite.[4] He also said that the reason he grows his hair out during summer is that when he's losing weight his hair grows faster and he is too lazy to cut it.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kamamoto stereotypically follows the general image of HOMRA, being a man who loves fighting and playing video games. He is quite friendly to people; upon Shōhei Akagi's induction, Kamamoto is one of the first to immediately accept him into their leagues.

Nevertheless, he can be serious occasionally, especially regarding his King or former Clansmen. He cares for the other members of HOMRA and often acts as a nurturing figure to some, including Anna. When Basashi's transformation causes destruction to Kusanagi's bar, Kamamoto is the one to suggest and take Anna for a walk. Furthermore, when he sees Eric following them, Kamamoto offers him food and suggests that Kōsuke do the same.

History[edit | edit source]

Kamamoto out partying.

Kamamoto was present during Shōhei Akagi's admission into HOMRA and was seen partying with his group afterwards, showing additional friendliness towards their newest member.[6]

Kamamoto watching Yata beat up Bandō.

As the days passed, Kamamoto began to wonder whether Shōhei and Saburōta Bandō were really as good of friends as Shōhei said they were. Shōhei explained that they were. Still skeptical, Kamamoto asked Tatara Totsuka about how it was his duty to bring peace between the group, but was told that since Shōhei and Bandō were childhood friends, it wasn't the same.[7]

Kamamoto after some spring cleaning.

Sometime later, it was revealed that Shōhei's original intentions to join HOMRA were so that he could gain enough power to save his friend. When he takes on the Rakshasa drug dealing gang, Kamamoto and the others of HOMRA go to rescue him. Once they arrive, they begin disposing of the drug dealers.[8]

In February, Kamamoto joined his Clansmen in a game of baseball. During the game, it was revealed that Yō Chitose recently got caught in a love problem with a lethal assassin. However, he eventually resolved the issue and, when returning to HOMRA after he did so, Kamamoto welcomed him in a friendly manner.[9] An additional two months later, Kamamoto was shown helping Izumo Kusanagi and Totsuka clean up the bar[10] before it was nearly wrecked by Mikoto's Aura.[11]

Kōsuke Fujishima and Anna Kushina would later bring a horse Strain to the Clan's headquarters more than a month following Eric Sōlt's admission into their ranks. Kamamoto was somewhat awed by the Strain's flashy powers.[12] However, the Strain eventually went berserk and started damaging the bar. Realizing that Kusanagi was bound to lash out at them, Kamamoto grabbed Anna and ran outside, telling her that they should go out on a walk. Kōsuke and the Strain joined them shortly after.[13]

Kamamoto feeling pumped up.

While out, Kamamoto purchased fish crackers to eat and told Kōsuke that they will be stuck doing nothing for a while. He also explained that he was losing his appetite because of the warm weather. Kamamoto offered a fish cracker to Anna, telling her that they will apologize to Kusanagi once his rage is over, and even told a hidden Eric that he did not have to hide himself. Kamamoto revealed to Kōsuke that he knew the blonde-haired individual had been following them and that it may still be tough for him to accept his membership in the Clan. He then added to Eric afterwards that it was great to be given food.[14] It wasn't long until Clansmen from Scepter 4 arrived to apprehend the Strain. Kamamoto refused to give it to them resulting in tense arguments between the two Clans. Anna told him that she would not give them back the Strain if they do not take good care of it. Kamamoto then finished his fish crackers and began pumping himself for a battle. Before one can commence, however, the Strain lost control from the increasing tension and ran off with Anna riding on its back. Kamamoto became worried and called Kusanagi to tell him what happened.[15]

During the month of September, Totsuka decided to attempt skateboarding. Everyone in HOMRA was there to watch him unsuccessfully attempt some of Yata's trick moves, laughing all the while. Although, when Totsuka began to sing a song for Anna, Kamamoto and the others immediately quieted themselves to enjoy the music.[16]

A year and a half later, Kamamoto joins his Clansmen as they watch old footage recorded by Totsuka. Once they are all done watching the videos, he joins the others as they leave to complete a new mission.[17]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kamamoto waits outside in the hallways.

While launching an "investigation" on one of the gang leaders in Shizume City, who currently resides in a hotel suite, Kamamoto is placed in Kusanagi's team. They plan a pizza delivery scheme near the door of the suite and manage to break in; afterwards, they have Yata carry out his part of the plan, which is to beat up the gang members inside. Once inside, they wait for Mikoto and Anna, greeting the former when they do. Soon after, Anna uses her abilities to read the gang leader's mind but is unable to retrieve any valued information from him; disappointed, Kamamoto and the others leave.[18]

Kamamoto heads down with his Clansmen in the lobby.

Approaching the hotel's lobby, they are confronted by Scepter 4, and prepare to initiate in battle against them, using their group's infamous war cry as a motivator. However, the results of the battle leave Mikoto arrested and jailed, while the others continue pursuing their main target. It is not long after that they find a male teenager closely identical in appearance to their target; believing them to be the same person, HOMRA strikes again. Kamamoto joins the new pursuit and eventually corners the teenager in an alley with Kusanagi; however, he is rescued by the unexpected Kuroh Yatogami.[18]

Kamamoto being thrown inside.

Sometime after, Kamamoto expresses his thoughts that Mikoto possibly joined Scepter 4 with Yata. Yata is outraged at this and throws him into the HOMRA bar, where he then starts beating him up. Kamamoto struggles to break free from the smaller Clansman. Kusanagi pulls them both apart and asks what they are fighting about. Kamamoto is accused of suggesting that Mikoto betrayed them and he attempts to explain himself, though he only ends up arguing with Yata again. Kusanagi offers to explain Mikoto's real reason for leaving them if both apologize to his bar for destroying it, which Yata caused when Kamamoto was thrown inside. Both do as they are told and are given an explanation.[19]

Kamamoto and Yata arrive at the school.

Later, Kamamoto and Eric head to a mall where Yata is at. They both find him beating up the gangsters they encountered earlier. Kamamoto asks what they should do and is told that they can do anything, as long as they don't kill anyone. The three leave, and eventually, Kamamoto accompanies Yata to Ashinaka High School. Both plan to dispose of Yashiro Isana.[20]

Kamamoto being smacked on the head for frightening the girls.

Kamamoto and Yata eventually come across two male students, scaring them off and taking their PDAs. Kamamoto and Yata each use a PDA to enter through the school gates. Once inside, they begin asking various students about whether they recognize Yashiro Isana; unfortunately, none of them do. Kamamoto notices that he and Yata have only been asking male students about Yashiro and decides to ask two girls. However, he ends up frightening them and they run off.[1]

Soon after, they are approached by former Clansman Saruhiko Fushimi. Kamamoto does not speak to him. Though, when Fushimi begins to infuriate Yata enough to fight, Kamamoto tries to persuade Yata into staying calm. Yata gives in anyway and clashes with his rival. Eventually, Yata is knocked down and injured, worrying Kamamoto. He tries to step in and help, though Fushimi stops him, throwing his throwing knives at Kamamoto, knocking him down, too. Kamamoto is told to back down by both Fushimi and Yata.[1]

Kamamoto patches up Yata's wounds.

However, before the battle could continue further, Scepter 4's Seri Awashima interrupts the fight, telling Fushimi and Yata to postpone it. As with Fushimi, Kamamoto does not speak to her. Rather, he leaves with Yata peacefully. They relocate to a field within the school. While sitting on the bleachers, Kamamoto wraps a piece of cloth over Yata's arm wound. Once done, he says that they should go back. Kamamoto is relieved that Yata would oblige, though becomes exasperated when the latter runs off, wanting to ask another person about Yashiro before they go.[1]

A few days later, Kamamoto overhears Anna talking about Mikoto, immediately drawing his attention. He and several Clansmen make way to the Scepter 4 headquarters where they discover that Mikoto has broken out of jail. Kamamoto politely greets his King, with several others following in his league. They are told that Totsuka's murderer is indeed at Ashinaka High School, surprising Kamamoto. Yata tries to prove to him that he was right about before unsettling the larger man. Nonetheless, he and the others make way towards their new destination.[21]

The entire Red Clan eventually arrives at Ashinaka High School where they successfully take over the campus. Afterwards, several groups of their Clansmen head to various parts of the school and interrogate the students about Yashiro Isana. Kamamoto leads his own group and starts off with pulling out students, most of them being male, from their classrooms so that they can be questioned in the hallways. When Chitose starts getting hot-headed with their students, Kamamoto stops him from acting out.[22]

The following morning, a loud siren rings across the campus following a large explosion. With the members of Scepter 4 hurrying out to confront the situation, Kamamoto joins his own Clansmen as they gather at the entrance to deal with the Blue Clan themselves. They all ignore Seri Awashima's warning to surrender and instead cheer on for battle. Yata calls out the command to fight and as everyone then chants the motto of HOMRA, Kamamoto and the others engage Scepter 4 in battle; these fights would be halted tempoarily by an explosion from within Ashinaka High School and the appearance of a beam of silver light.[23]

K: Missing Kings[edit | edit source]

Some time after the "Academy Island Incident”, he and Anna are chased by someone. Rikio lost some weight during the time.

K Countdown[edit | edit source]

After the events of October 13th, Rikio is glad HOMRA is back together. However, he mention that things are bound to change with Anna as their new King.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Red Aura: As a member of HOMRA, Kamamoto possesses a fire-based Aura of a reddish-pink color where it mostly coming from his eyes.[18]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Rikio means "power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert" (力) (riki) and "man, husband" (夫) (o).
    • Rikio is similar to the name of the deity Ame-no-tajikarao (天手力男, Ame-no-tajikarao), as the both 夫 and 男 refer to "man".
  • Rikio's surname Kamamoto means "sickle" (鎌) (kama) and "base, root, origin" (本) (moto).
    • Sickle is a short-handled farming tool with a semicircular blade, used for cutting grain, lopping or trimming.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rikio's hobbies are spending money on food and being around Misaki Yata [24].

References[edit | edit source]

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