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Kanji ラクシャーサ
Rōmaji Rakshasa
Building Information
Type Drug distribution
Location Shizume City
Status Inactive
First appearance
Manga Debut K: Memory of Red Inside the Cellar - Part One

Rakshasa is a small group of drug dealers that are the antagonists in K: Memory of Red, Inside the Cellar part one and two. They are notorious and wealthy for their distribution of the drugs within Shizume Town, and rumors circulating that the trader of the group is an arcenistic Strain under the alias Mogura.


For an unspecified amount of time, the group Rakshasa distributes drugs throughout Shizume City. However in November, the infamous Red Clan HOMRA gets word of Rakshasa dealings in their territory, and begin an investigation. It doesn't take long before HOMRA attacks the groups base of operations and interrogate one of their members. Through the information gathered, the drugs where already sold, bought by a mysterious strain codenamed Mogura who is in hiding from Scepter 4 because of his actions as a fugitive. HOMRA begin asking around the city for the identity and location of Mogura and his underground base, and sends their vanguard Yata MisaKi to find Mogura. However, not only did HOMRA catch word of the groups dealings and that their dealer was a strain and fugitive, the Blue Clan Scepter 4 soon followed suit and sent their third-in-command Saruhiko Fushimi. Yata and Fushimi work together in a joint effort to corner Mogura, inevitably incapacitating him and escaping Moguras underground trap, leaving Scepter 4 to detain Mogura. The group Rakshasa is later disbanded.




Various unnamed dealers Imprisoned
Mogura Imprisoned


  • A rakshasa is a demon or unrighteous spirit in Hindu and Buddhist mythology also known as cannibals or maneaters, and are also occasionally referred to as Asura.