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A lot of bad stuff happened to me before... And I'm sure it might happen again... But when it does, it's not the Slate I want. What I want is some good food... And someone to eat with!

–Neko, speaking to Yashiro Isana and Nagare Hisui.[1]

Neko Mugshot.png
Kanji ネコ
Rōmaji Neko
Alias Miyabi Ameno (雨乃雅日, Ameno Miyabi)
Race Human (Strain)
Age 15 (in K)[2][3]

16 (K Missing Kings (Movie))

Birthday February 22[2][3]
Horoscope Pisces
Height 155 cm (5'1")[2][3]
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Green,Light Blue
Hair Light Pink
Blood Type B[2][3]
Professional Status
Affiliation Silver Clan Insignia.png White Rice Party (Silver Clansman)
Occupation Clansmen
Base of Operations Ashinaka High School
Personal Status
Status Active
Aura Silver
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 5 (K: Stray Dog Story)
Novel Debut K SIDE:Black & White
Game Debut K -Wonderful School Days-
Character Song Song of the Cat
Japanese Voice Mikako Komatsu
English Voice Stephanie Sheh
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Neko (ネコ, Neko) is a female Strain and also a Silver Clansman. She is extremely attached to Yashiro Isana and is responsible for altering his memories, as well as those of the Ashinaka High School student body.[4]She is called Miyabi Ameno (雨乃雅日, Ameno Miyabi) by the Green King Nagare Hisui, however Neko herself does not recognize this name.[5]


Neko is a girl with long, pale pink hair reaching down along her back and down past her knees. Her hair is split near the middle and is quite messy. Her eyes are shown to have Heterochromia iridum, with her right iris being colored blue while her left iris is colored green. The heterochromia is a result of the Kagutsu Crater.[6] She has a slender yet curvaceous figure with large breasts. Her three sizes are B89/W57/H88.

She wears two golden bells: one on her left ear as an earring and one being attached to another red collar on her right ankle, and wears a plain red collar around her neck. While she prefers to not wear clothing, she eventually obtains a fuzzy, long sleeved, short pale yellow dress, with a large, bright yellow bow covered by a thinner, red bow adorned by bright yellow pom poms. Her boots go along with the colour scheme, and are covered by the same material and bows, save for the very bottom, which are smooth.

Neko's current attire.

Some time after the Ashinaka Island Incident, Neko keeps her jewellery, but her outfit changes. She now wears a short, strapless, pale pink dress decorated with darker coloured lacing, and a red wrap just below her chest. She has white thigh high socks with some sort of pattern on them, dark pink shoes, and completes the outfit with a fuzzy, pink jacket with white trimmings near where her hands are. She also carries Shiro's red parasol with her.

Neko as a cat.

While in her cat form, Neko's fur is colored a light pink. She has a small, hot pink nose. Neko's eyes are completely round and flat with two eyelashes sticking out from both. In addition, her red choker with the golden bell retains its form.

Neko as an Ashinaka student.

After enrolling into Ashinaka, she dons its standard girls' uniform, omitting socks.


She is carefree and playful, having fun when playing games with people. She does not take notice of the actual dangers she is causing and instead interprets her actions as helpful and even entertaining in her perspective. She is, generally speaking, strong-willed and confident in herself, and takes pride in using her powers to help others and combat against enemies.

Neko has a strong love and affection for Shiro, being the only person that didn't chase her away when they first met, stating that she's Shiro's cat and Shiro belongs to her. She's also defensive of him, and if there is any chance that Shiro will be taken away from her she would protect him at any cost, such as clinging on to him when Kuroh Yatogami was about to kill him or not originally telling Shiro who he was, since she was afraid he would leave. Neko has been seen blushing once when hugging Shiro from behind when he was trying to protect her from Kuroh, and again when he, as Adolf K. Weismann, asked her to be his first clansman, to which she replied that she would do anything for him. Later, she was shown crying and telling Kuroh that she wants to give Shiro back his parasol, not even wanting to accept that he's dead.

Neko is a very childish person, bordering on selfishness. As such she frequently clashes with Kuroh's no-nonsense ways.

Although generally cheerful, Neko is greatly insecure of her relationships with others. Upon meeting Yashiro, she intentionally implanted memories that led him to believe he was living a life that was never true, claiming that because she found him, Yashiro was rightfully hers. As a result, Neko was reluctant to reveal their first memories of each other, even more so when he asked to remember his life from before then, as she believed he would disappear if he remembered. This ties into her past experiences, as she does acknowledge the dangers of her abilities, and a great fear of abandonment.


Neko is one of the few survivors of the Kagutsu Crater. She lost her parents and her memories as a result - not even knowing her name, lost and confused, she found a man and woman to take care of her. Due to her new powers as a strain, she unknowingly made them believe she was their daughter - a mirror to the son they had lost in the Kagutsu incident. She altered everyone's memories around her, using the books she read as her plot lines. She however, could not alter a certain cat's memories. Every time she would try to use her illusion on him, he would walk away, uncaring, back to an old man who called her by another name. That name scared her, though she didn't know why, so she spent much of her time away from the old man, wary and unsure of what he was doing.[7]

She fancied herself a magician at the time - borrowing the term from books she'd read and knowing it made her unique.[7]

One day, as she was left alone in the house, she found that four members of the Gold Clan had appeared inside her home, explaining to her how they had been observing her for two weeks and how she had unknowingly used her abilities to manipulate the couple's memories into thinking she was their daughter - thereby erasing any memories they had of their son. They explain to her that she'd in fact broken too many rules - although without malice - and she had two choices now: to go with them, either so they could train her, or as a prisoner. She flinches at the accusations and rejects both offers, deliberately using her magic to make them leave - with no memory of what had occurred.[7]

Devastated, she lifts the illusion she had unwittingly placed around her environment, now knowing why she had always avoided a certain corner of her living room, as her illusion disappears to reveal the altar of the son. She remembered now, how she'd found them - they were helping to give out donations after the incident and she had found them and latched onto them, thereby changing their memories as a result. Later on, her parents come home, in tears and crying as they realize they'd forgotten their son. She comes to the room, hoping they'll still accept her, only for her father, seething with rage - to call her a monster. They leave in fear and she collapses, wondering how she could have possibly mixed up being a magician and being a monster. She knows the name now that the old man had kept calling her by, it was the name of the son. Her illusion had not worked on him and he'd died, remembering the son's name.[7]

While alone, the cat from before comes by, looking for the old man. She murmurs to him sadly that he was gone. The cat leaves in sadness, and she feels he won't be back. She wonders what to do now, as she is completely alone in the world, then remembers a book her 'father' read to her, called “I Am A Cat!” that details a cat that was proud, independent and could live alone. Inspired by how the cat walked away to find a new home and feeling she couldn't stay with humans as she now considered herself a monster, she then named herself Neko and transformed into a cat.[7]

Neko on the school's campus.

After deciding to become Neko, she lived as a stray cat on the campus of Ashinaka High School, frequently stealing or hiding from the occupants or robots. As such, she was active during many of their school-wide activities, such as the production night on on December 7. While in her cat form, she witnessed a male student named Mishina confess his love for the student council's Kukuri Yukizome.[8]

Sometime later, she decided to head to the school's gymnasium near the outskirts of the campus, where she took a nap. While there, a young man suddenly fell through the roof and onto a thick mat, surprisingly unharmed in any way. Frightened, Neko fiercely hissed at him. However, she quickly developed an attachment to the stranger and went over to him, letting him caress her fur. They were soon discovered by Kukuri, who asked for the young man's name. Unfortunately, he was unable to recall it. A concerned Neko then decided to use her memory-altering powers to give him a new name: Yashiro Isana.[4]


Neko in the school hallways.

Neko passes by Kukuri and two male students, naked, while they're walking around campus. None seem to notice her, however. Neko doesn't care and playfully jumps around the nearby stairs to the rooftop.[9]

At some point, she transforms into a cat, and meets Yashiro Isana. She finds him on the rooftop and eats some of his lunch. Neko proceeds to spend the rest of the day with him, following him to class, even to the city. Her attachment to Yashiro remains even after a pursuit made by several HOMRA members, Kuroh's following rescue of him,[9] and his return to his school's dormitories.[10]

Neko nearly asleep.

Tired from his day's chaotic events, Yashiro lies on his bed, talking about the video. Neko, lying on his bed and now in her human form, sleepily says that things have been so good and peaceful until recently. Her presence, coupled with her nudity, overwhelms Yashiro. Neko does not react to his shock and, upon being asked, introduces herself.[10]

Neko temporarily distracts Kuroh.

Neko is then asked to put on Yashiro's jacket but she refuses, saying it's too restricting. He attempts to put it on her anyway, but Neko counters with her illusive abilities, assuming that now they'll be in a game of tag. Yashiro is unable to respond, as he is then attacked by Kuroh Yatogami; seeing him in danger, Neko stops Kuroh and grabs Yashiro's arm, running away from the room with him.[10]

However, after Yashiro throws his jacket on her, Neko starts turning things into a chase, with her being followed by Yashiro who's being chased by Kuroh. Throughout the event, Neko constantly uses her abilities to distract the two teenagers, thus extending the little "game". The chase ensues throughout the evening, night, and even the next morning. By dawn, Neko and the others have become exhausted and hungry, so Yashiro decides to make breakfast. She persists that he doesn't include certain ingredients in the soup he's making. However, Kuroh ends up making the food instead for the three of them.[10]

Neko eating her breakfast.

Throughout breakfast, Neko constantly forgets her table manners and just stuffs herself on Kuroh's food. However, she attempts to thank for her meal when she sees Kuroh and Yashiro do so, only she thanks for the "meow" instead. Afterward, Kuroh attempts to kill Yashiro again, causing Neko to jump from her seat and hiss angrily at him. He asks who she is and Neko reintroduces herself. She states she does not understand Kuroh when he asks if she is a Strain. Neko does state that she is Yashiro's cat and that Yashiro is her's, causing her to jump about happily.[11]

Neko attacks the cleaning robot to save Yashiro.

The following morning, Neko awakens to see that Kuroh has already prepared lunch. She takes a bite from a bento, and is thus chased by Kuroh for it. While avoiding him, Neko sees Yashiro being pulled away by a cleaning robot, causing her to attack the mechanism.[8]

Neko later accompanies Yashiro to his classroom, albeit in her cat form. While he's writing out plans for his alibi, Neko picks up a red pen for him to use. Kuroh notices her and lets out a loud cry, startling Neko and causing her to transform back into her Human self. Embarrassed, she attempts to laugh it off.[8]

During the lunch break, she happily eats the food Kuroh prepared for her before asking for more. She is offered extras by Kukuri, though she is disappointed to see that they only contain vegetables.[8]

Neko being dressed in a kimono.

Afterwards, Neko goes with Yashiro and Kuroh to change into their Feudal Japan outfits. She is clueless about how to put hers on. As a result, Kuroh dresses Neko himself. While being dressed, she listens to Kuroh and Yashiro talk. She claims that she's always been with Yashiro since they first met, adding that he is good. Once she's been dressed, Kukuri checks on the three of them and compliments them on their looks. She states that Neko looks beautiful, which the latter agrees with.[8]

Neko refuses to let Yashiro be taken from her.

She follows Yashiro, Kuroh and Kukuri across the campus to scavenge any information relating to December 7. However, Neko fails to be of any help to any one of them. Instead, she plays around with the cleaning robots or otherwise whines to be given food. When Yashiro goes to buy her a drink, he is revealed to have lied to Kuroh about how he enters the school campus, leading the latter to decide that he should be killed. Neko clutches onto Yashiro and tries to stop Kuroh from hurting him. She says that Yashiro is a "warm" person and proclaims her desire to continue having snacks with him. Yashiro pushes her behind him, and Neko takes the opportunity to hug him. Thankfully, Yashiro is spared from Kuroh's wrath after Kukuri reveals that he was on school campus on December 7–8. To this, Neko celebrates her feelings of relief with Yashiro.[8]

Neko is about to eat the rice cracker.

Neko returns to Yashiro's homeroom with Kuroh and Kukuri. She is given rice crackers to eat, though is astonished to find that they are actually very spicy. Kukuri tells her that she will give out spicier rice crackers if she brings back Yashiro. Neko eagerly goes to Yashiro's room to complete her orders. She notices that Yashiro appears less cheerful than normal and asks whether he's having a stomachache, though Neko is told not to worry about him.[8]

She takes his advice and brings him with her back to his classroom. Once there, Neko whines consistently for her rice crackers to be given to her. Though she does not receive her crackers, Neko is asked to go to the city with Yashiro and Kuroh, which she gladly agrees to do.[12]

Neko screaming at Kuroh.

While in the city, she constantly whines about being hungry, aggravating Kuroh enough to stop at a restaurant to eat. Neko happily eats the grilled fish that they order and even tries to steal from Kuroh's tray. She is slapped aside though Yashiro gives her his fish anyway, making her cheer. While she continues eating, Neko notices Yashiro staring at a bulletin near them and wonders why. After they've eaten, all three head to a store nearby. Because Kuroh cannot read the list of items Kukuri sent them out to get specifically, he decides to call her instead. Neko whines not to and that they should go back to the school and ask her directly again. Kuroh stated it's too troublesome to go all the way back to ask Kukuri, she starts crying and says that she hates telephones. When Kuroh asks why, Neko begins screaming and transforms into her cat form, darting away from the two.[13]

The Blue King forcefully ejects Neko from her cat form.

As night falls, Neko finds her way to a soccer stadium that Yashiro and Kuroh have gone to. When members of the Scepter 4 force arrive to take them into custody, Neko uses her abilities to create an illusion for them, causing everyone in the vicinity to believe that they are in the streets of Tokyo during the day. Neko quickly reverts to her human form and leads Yashiro to an exit, with Kuroh following them. They are halted by the appearance of Lieutenant Awashima, and then the arrival of the Blue King. Neko returns to her cat form but is forcefully ejected from it due to the King's interference. Kuroh tells her to take Yashiro and leave immediately. Neko obeys his orders and runs off with her friend. However, they stop midway so that Yashiro can return to Kuroh and save him from the Blue King, albeit with Neko's illusive help.[4]

Neko using her memory manipulation.

Neko and Yashiro eventually regroup with Kuroh in a dark alley. Though scared, Neko receives praise for her actions at the stadium from Yashiro. It is then explained that she can manipulate memories in addition to creating illusions. Neko is asked to help Yashiro rediscover his past through her memory-altering ability. Though hesitant at first, she obliges. Through a film-like montage, she shows Yashiro her first memory of him, which was early on the 8th of December. Afterwards, she is asked to help him rediscover her memories from before; though initially unsure, Neko attempts to restore his memories from before, and manages to bring back a particular piece. However, when Yashiro expresses alarm at what he sees, Neko becomes worried.[4]

The three head under the bridge to Ashinaka High School where Neko proclaims that they "made it back". When Kuroh becomes worried whether they made a good decision to do so, Neko says that it is fine, since it is their "home". She becomes happy when Yashiro pets her on the head and agrees with her statement.[14]

Neko looking out with her binoculars.

She joins the two in the back of a delivery truck following Kuroh's attack on a Scepter 4 member. Neko waits while Yashiro speaks to Reisi Munakata on the phone. Afterwards, they relocate and hide themselves in a nearby ship. She states that she will do her best to lead them to the Scepter 4's location. Neko then asks what contraption Yashiro had made before leaving the delivery truck and is explained more about it. That night, she guides the two to a local airport and they hide near the runways, with Neko put as a lookout; after some time, using a pair of binoculars, she reports Scepter 4's arrival.[14]

"This'll remind you to stop looking at my Shiro's screen!"

Yashiro, Kuroh and Neko later knock out a few Blue Clansmen before boarding their helicopter. They then depart from the airport with the other helicopters sent. During the ride to the Himmelreich, Neko expresses her boredom and decides to join the other two at the front of the aircraft. She becomes excited when another aircraft shines their light on them and begins pressing buttons, even after a warning from Kuroh to stop. When Yashiro and Kuroh talk about the other helicopters possibly interfering with their plan, Neko, thinking that they must be first to get to the Himmelreich, forcefully takes hold of the control stick and moves their aircraft towards the engine of the Himmelreich, unaware that they will be crashing into it. She maintains a cheerful and excited expression despite the others' worries and surprise. However, when the Himmelreich suddenly explodes, Neko, still unaware of their situation, simply looks on in awe at the flames. Soon afterwards, they crash, and are caught in a much larger explosion.[14]

Luckily, they manage to survive and crash in a river in Tokyo Metropolis while still remaining unscathed. A group of Blue Clansmen led by Seri Awashima approach their destroyed helicopter that following morning, but they fail to notice either of them, due to Neko's abilities.[15]

Neko's despair.

Sometime later, they hear about HOMRA's takeover of Ashinaka High School and the three decide to head back. Neko helps them sneak past Scepter 4 on the bridge using her abilities again. By nighttime, they manage to make it back to Yashiro's dormitory and discover that it has been charred and torn apart. However, Neko is more fretful about her favorite food bowl being shattered. While Yashiro and Kuroh are busy discussing the situation, she attempts to fix her bowl, even telling the others that she is still busy fixing it when they try to leave. Neko ultimately decides to leave it as it is for the time being and says "goodbye" to the place, otherwise known as her "home".[16]

After a war breaks out between the Red and Blue Clans, the trio manages to find Kukuri and bring her to safety. However, they are soon stopped by Mikoto Suoh, who still believes that Shiro is the murderer. Neko attempts to use her illusion abilities to trick the King, but he's able to break through. When Reisi Munakata steps in to confront Suoh, the group is able to escape into the school. It's there that Kukuri stabs Shiro, much to Kuroh and Neko's horror. Shiro awakens as the Silver King, healing his wound and regaining his memories.

Neko reminding Kuroh that Shiro is immortal.

In order to evacuate all of the students, Shiro asks Neko to use her power, more than she's ever used before. Before doing so, he invites her to be his very first clansmen, which she immediately accepts, stating that she'd do anything for him. Neko is then able to use her Strain abilities to project an image of Shiro throughout the high school, allowing the Silver King to deliver a message and aids his former classmates in escaping. When Neko stops her projection, she asks Shiro if she did okay, before falling unconscious due to the enormous amount of power she utilized. Shiro gently sets her down and asks Seri and Izumo to look after her.

When Neko wakes up, Shiro appears to have died. Her and Kuroh stop by the crater created when Mikoto killed the Colorless King, where Neko finds Shiro's umbrella and attempts to unearth it from the rubble. Kuroh regretfully says that Shiro is gone, to which Neko screams that he is immortal. Kuroh realizes his error and helps Neko to her feet. He smiles, stating that Shiro is their ever-lasting King.

Shortly after, Fushimi notices a black dog and pink cat run past him with an umbrella.

 K: Missing Kings[]

After the “Ashinaka Island Incident”, she and Kuroh split up and look for Shiro for almost a year, but no avail.

After meeting back up, she and Kuroh happily greet and speak to Kukuri about the repairs going on at Ashinaka High School. Neko admits that she's surprised that they haven't found Shiro yet, wondering just how far he was blown away. Kukuri sits up, pondering what Neko meant by blown away. Neko subtly sits up in her seat, pointing over at two individuals fleeing from a person dressed in black, realizing it's Anna Kushina and another member of HOMRA. The two tell Kukuri they will meet again on the island and give chase.

Neko waves to Anna behind Kuroh.

As the armoured assailant attempts to attack the member of HOMRA, Kuroh steps in and blocks the attack, quickly deducing from the visor color that the person in the ninja suit is a member of the Green Clan <jungle>. When Kuroh attempts to interrogate the individual, they escape using their power of intangibility. Kuroh turns to the Red Clansmen, Neko standing behind Kuroh playfully waving at Anna. Anna looks up at Neko in surprise, the other revealing himself to be a dieted Rikio Kamamoto, and that <jungle> is after Anna's powers as a clairvoyant Strain to locate Yashiro. Neko and Kuroh ask if she really could locate Yashiro, but are disappointed when Anna says she cannot. The two Silver Clansmen reassure Anna and Kamamoto that they can hide out at their home, Yashiro's dorm.

Soon after making it to the school, Neko eagerly rushes on through the corridor with her arms out, laughing. As Anna apologizes for the Silver King's disappearance, knowing he wasn't the one that killed Tatara, Neko notices electricity beginning to short out the holograms in the area, getting behind a pillar and meowing aggressively, a man to be revealed as Yukari Mishakuji, a former senior of Kuroh and disciple of Ichigen Miwa begins to clash with Kuroh. As Kuroh and Yukari battle, the ninja <jungle> Clansman revealed to be Douhan Hirasaka attacks Rikio and kidnaps Anna, quickly retreating with Yukari. Kuroh and Neko attempt to get Rikio up, but he urges them to rescue Anna and not worry about him.

Learning of <jungle>'s infiltration of Mihashira Tower Neko is seen on top of a building with Kuroh, meowing happily as the wind blows through her hair. Kuroh analyzes the situation, seeing it as more dangerous than he had though, stating that only a fool would rush in without thinking. Almost immediately after, Yata Misaki rushes past them to confront <jungle> Clansmen, where Neko remarks that a fool just broke in. Using Kuroh's spatial hand, they launch themselves from the building and reach the front door of the tower, alarming the Blue Clansmen in front, but hold them back by Seri, allowing Neko and Kuroh to proceed into the tower.

Neko making Yata and Kuroh work togethor.

Kurog confronts Yata but they are stopped by Neko, telling them to listen to her plan, that they should work together. More Green Clansmen begin to gather around them as Kuroh entrusts Neko to take care of majority of <jungle>'s clansman, where she thus uses her special attack, Cat the Mountain, creating large illusions of several giant cats. While Yata questions if she'll be fine, both he and Kuroh overhear her energetic laughter as she does her part. While Neko happily laughs at the Jungle Clansmen below, scrambling to evade her attacks, Kotosaka attacks her, and the two end in a skirmish where she transforms into a cat but is shocked by Kotosaka, worriedly meowing as she looks down at her clothes, hoping they weren't damaged. Neko looks up, noticing she is surrounded by Green Clansmen after her illusions dissipate, she nervously giggles as the men gawk at her. Before things go awry, Izumo Kusanagi makes an appearance and covers for her, a circle of fire forcing the Green Clansmen to back up.

Neko attempts to pry Anna's cage open.

Neko and Izumo rush to the Chamber of the Dresden Slate, finding Anna in a cage in the center of the room. Izumo helps fend Yata from Douan as Neko sits on the on the cage, gripping the bars and trying to pull on them. Douhan attempts to attack Neko but is forced to do battle with a fired up Yata, encouraged by Izumos appearance, believing he and Izumo will fight alongside one another, but is put down that Izumo wants him to buy him some time to talk with Anna. Izumo tells Anna to face reality and calls her "Red King."

Anna embraces her role and reality, using her Aura to break the cage, the aura released by Anna reinforcing Izumo and Yata's own red aura. Yata defeats Douhan with ease, and Kuroh is blown through the ceiling of the Dresden Slate's Chamber, beginning to second guess himself. Neko calls out to him, saying that they have to find Yashiro together, and he cannot lose because of that. Her encouragement succeeds in solidifying Kuroh's resolve. In the aftermath of the battle and Anna's 'coronation', Kotosaka flies into the room, inquiring if Yukari is satisfied, his voice changing as he begins to perch on Yukari's shoulder. The bird tells Yukari to retreat for the time being, as Anna is no longer a target for capture. Yukari refers to Kotosaka and Nagare, surprising Izumo to rushing to Anna, Neko, and Kuroh's side along with Yata. Kusanagi reveals Kotosaka to be a medium for Nagare to use to greet the new Red King.

Neko and the others in awe of the oncoming Lightning Bolt Jutsu

The Green Clansmen retreat from he building, relieving the group lightly. As Izumo starts for the exit Neko meows frantically, her hair standing up. Electricity begins to jolt from the ground. The group look up, noticing a large ball of lightning above the building, converged by a large group of Green Clansman that where set apart from the infiltration unit. The lightning bolt is shot at Anna to test her abilities as King, despite her newfound power, Izumo still worries for her as she uses her aura to block the attack to protect the others. After the first strike, Anna falls back into Izumo's arms, the group gasp as the second strike begins to fire, it is frozen and destroyed by the Blue King Reisi Munakata, standing above, lightly smiling down at the group.

Neko, Kukuri, and Kuroh look into one of Anna's marbles.

Neko and Kuroh return to Yashiro's dorm, being given a marble of Anna's. Neko excitedly asks Kuroh what it is, bouncing up and down a little on the bed with a fish bone in her mouth, wondering if it's candy and if it's hot, sweet or tasty. Kuroh speaks up, telling her that it's not food, Neko calming down a little and stops bounding on the bed. Kuroh reveals that it was a gift from Anna from the last time they had met her, being told that he should keep it as a good luck charm. The three look deep into the marble, Neko happily hugging Kuroh to get a closer look. As the three look on into the marble, the figure of their Yashiro begins to appear, Neko drops the fish bone from her mouth, exclaiming excitedly that it's Shiro. Neko and Kuroh attempt to call out to Shiro, but get no response back.

K Countdown[]

K: Return of the Kings[]

Neko and Kuroh return to their home at Ashinaka High School, but unbeknownst to them, are spotted by the J Rank Green Clansman Sukuna Gojo, who launches a mission to attack them. Almost immediately a pedestrian nearby receives the request and eagerly takes on the mission, donning his green helmet and visor using a Green Bird and races towards the two oblivious Silver Clansmen. As the man passes on his bike, he tosses the bird into Neko's grip. Neko happily plays with the bird, trying to eat it. As Kuroh attempts to call out the man that tossed the bird to them, Neko watches as the man rides off, being awarded 100 Jungle Points. As she holds up the bird, it begins to inflate and explodes.

After the Green Clans attempts to provoke the Red and Blue Clans into an ambush, Neko and Kuroh catch up to the Green Clansman that attacked them, the man now out of breath from the chase is cornered by the Silver Clansmen, Kuroh asks to have a word with him, Neko puts her hands in the air making light groping motions playfully, teasing that he wont make it past them. The man boasts not to underestimate him, that he is an N Rank in <jungle> and that he specializes in more than just explosives. Neko looks at the man and then at Kuroh as he charges the man, knocking him onto the alleyway.

As the two follow him in a vain attempt to escape, he whips out his PDA trying to attack them, but is given a mission failed message, losing all of his Jungle points. As the man loses his helmet and visor, he begins to show his compunction for failing his mission after being so close to meeting with Nagare Hisui, Neko and Kuroh walk off to report him to the authorities, seeing as he's nothing but a expendable pawn that probably doesn't know anything. Neko nods her head to agree with Kuroh, her gaze reverting to the ground, wondering if anyone even knows Shiro's whereabouts.

Neko visits Anna at the HOMRA bar the next day as Munakata visits Scepter 4, staying for tea and snacks as she sits with the new Red King with whom she has developed a deep friendship with. Neko looks through one of Anna's marble as hard as she can, wanting to see Shiro again. As Neko impatiently throws up her arms, and complains that she cant see him, Izumo asks if Neko had actually seen him, Neko quickly urges him that she looked into the marble Shiro on the other side looking perfectly fine. Anna assures Neko that she had imbued the marbles with her power to see the person they want to meet the most.

Neko looks down at the marble, disappointed that she was only able to see Shiro that one time, happily hopping over to the center of the couch right next to Anna, asking if she can let her see Shiro again. Anna smiles and shakes her head lightly, telling Anna that she cant see him every time, but there's no doubt Neko and Shiro are connected, teasing that the one she holds precious to her may just be looking back at her too. Neko excitedly tries talking to the marble, inquiring if Shiro can see her.

Yata shows his irritation of another colored Clansmen in HOMRA's bar, Neko tells him that Kuroh was asked by "The Boss with Glasses" to come in for questioning, Kamamoto deducing that she escaped to HOMRA for refuge after Kuroh was brought to Scepter 4 after being attacked, assuring Neko that if she stays in HOMRA, they'll keep the Blues from questioning her. Yata remarks that it's HOMRA's safe house, Neko turns her head away, saying that she hates Munakata, and Fushimi too, not wanting to go with Scepter 4. Kamamoto asks Neko if she knows what Munakata wants to question Kuroh about, but is given a rather unsure "I Dunno!", that she's not worried about Kuroh and that she can always see him when they're apart, Neko lays on her side with her head in Anna's lap, getting her head lightly stroked like a cat.

The others talk about the Greens ever-looming presence, and that now that Anna is the Red King, they wont even be able to touch her. Anna says that the Red was passed down to her from Mikoto, and with her red, she wont lose. Neko looks up at her worriedly, wondering if the red destined for destruction passed down to her will make her go "Kaboom!" with the power. Anna smiles at Neko and jumps up, running over to various pictures lining the bars wall, looking and reminiscing over a picture of Tatara and Mikoto, replying that she isn't as strong as Mikoto, but has a feeling that she'll be alright.

Anna acknowledges the red to be her friend, Neko happily nods her head in agreement, Yata assures Anna that he will do anything for her, Neko also assuring her that she'll bring Shiro over to teach her a few things since he's been a King for so long. Yata attempts to dissuade Anna from doing so, seeing a flawed logic in Kings conversing in an agreement, though soon sees they have a point. Izumo makes pancakes for the others, Kamamoto and Yata fight over their own tray while Neko jokes about Kuroh's cooking, and honor for Master Ichigen, seeing his lectures as annoying, but admiring his cooking with black molasses, also admitting she likes Kusanagi's cooking too.

Neko tells them that Shiro comes first, and she guesses she likes fish best next, with Kuroh third on her list. Both Anna and Yata offer an invitation for Neko to stay at HOMRA, but Neko declines, telling them that their home is at Ashinaka. Neko returns to Kuroh, meeting him on the bridge, both of them agreeing that their home is Yashiro's dorm.[17]

The Green King sends Yukari after her and Kuroh, with strict instructions to kill Kuroh and bring to him Miyabi Ameno - who he says is alike to himself. That same day, Yukari hands a letter to a school member to hand to Kuroh, Kukuri assumes it to be a love letter, allowing the woman to meet Kuroh and Neko. The two open the card and are surprised that the letter is from Yukari, the two heading off to the bridge where Yukari waits.

During the fight, Neko attempts to attack Yukari with a large tiger-cat illusion, but Yukari effortlessly destroys it, the impact pushing her back against the bridge's railing. When Kuroh calls out to her out of worry, Yukari assures him that no harm will come to her due to Nagare's orders. At this point, he addresses her by name, then corrects himself, referring to her as Miyabi Ameno - although Neko doesn't recognize the name. He concludes she doesn't remember, stating that her remembering or not makes no difference, and proceeds in his fight with Kuroh.

As he is about to deal the final blow, Neko calls out for Shiro, holding the marble in her hand tightly as she makes her plea to the heavens. In the sky, a Silver Sword of Damocles appears, aweing the Silver Clansmen, Yukari, along with Sukuna, Yata, and Fushimi battling on the island. Shiro lands on the bridge with his umbrella open, forcing the Green Clansmen to retreat and excite Nagare as he watches the scene unfold through Kotosaka's eyes.

After the Green Clansmen retreat, Neko knocks over Kuroh as he looks up at awe of his King and almost tackles Shiro, hugging him tightly. Neko looks up at Shiro and sadly, expressing her worry for him over the year that they tried looking for him, beginning to stutter and almost to the point of tears. Shiro greets his Clansmen, petting Neko and teasing Kuroh that he wants Shiro to run up to him like Neko did. Shiro apologizes and admits that the perfect timing was intentional, surprising Neko and Kuroh of his awareness of the Green Clans moves the last year. Kuroh expresses he resolve as being Shiros Clansmen, Neko happily agrees and smiles widely up at Shiro.[18]

Neko attends the meeting with the Silver, Red, and Blue Kings, playing in the background on Shiros bed with a pair of panties she had forgotten at HOMRA that Yata volunteered shamefully for after stopping Anna from brining it to her with the threat of the Green Clan, tossing aside the box the panties where in and twirling them around with her finger as she looks around the room at all of the Kings and Clansmen. Neko playfully twirls the panties around before accidentally slipping and sending them flying at Neko's head, staying on his hair before falling to the ground. After the three Clans trade rather harsh words and stares, Kukuri enters the room and places a plate of tea on the table, recognizing Shiro to be the man that Neko and Kuroh had been looking for, for so long. Neko happily smiles and hugs Shiro from behind, stating she's never leaving Shiros side again. Anna thanks the Silver Clansmen for helping her, wanting to repay her debt to them, Neko happily thanks Anna back.

After pondering the reason why the conference was set up in the first place, Shiro explains that Daikaku Kokujōji has recently passed. The other Kings and Clansmen pay a soft silence to mourn his death, Neko looks at them all curiously. After the meeting and the creation of the Coffee Table Alliance, Neko and Kuroh eavesdrop on the Shiro and Munakata, Munakata pointing out his distaste for Shiro running away from his duty 70 years ago after the Dresden Slate was brought to Mihashira Tower. Neko expresses her concern for Shiros well being, but Shiro brushes it off and it was nothing, despite Neko's insistence on knowing his well being. Shiro and Neko are served Grilled Mackerel and Miso Soup. Shiro and Neko eagerly go to the dorm for Kuroh's cooking.

The next day, Silver, Red, and Blue clans begin working together, HOMRA and Scepter begin battling and imprisoning Green Clansmen around the city while Shiro, Neko, and Kuroh visit Kokujōjis room in Mihashira Tower for to reminisce of the Adolf, Klaudia Weismann and Kokujōji's dreams. Neko impatiently attempts to go into Kokujōjis room, peaking around Kuroh. Kuroh puts a hand on his sheath and Kuroh jumps back a bit in a karate stance. Shiro later comes out of the room with a small box under his arm and a picture frame of him, Klaudia and Kokujōji. Neko happily embraces her King after he has sorted through several personal effects. To their surprise several Timeless Palace clansman reveal themselves and bow to the Silver King, asking for permission to cease active participation in the affair. Shiro grants their request and thanks the Clansmen for their years of service for Kokujōji.

The Clansmen in front of Shiro gasps at the polite and regarding attitude of Shiro, Neko looks at the men in curiosity. The three leave the Mihashira Tower, Neko begins to tease Kuroh about his distaste of the Blue Kings enrollment as the sole King responsible for the slate, recapping the battle with Kuroh and Munakata last year as he got his "butt kicked," Shiro goes along with her, embarrassing Kuroh.

After being confronted by Nagare and failing to attempt to persuade him to join the Coffee Table Alliance, Nagare declares war on the Coffee Table Alliance and says he will take the Dresden Slate by force. Later on that day, Shiro starts a new meeting with the Silver, Red and Blue Clans in a classroom of Ashinaka High School, preparing the Clans for an all out fight to defend Mihashira tower. Izumo and Yata act as devils advocates for the situation and point out glaring problems with Shiros plans, Neko attempts to back up his amazing authority but Kuroh tells her to stand down, as she is making things worse. Kuroh backs up proof that Shiro is a brilliant leader, Neko happily agreeing with him.

After the meeting is over and the Clans agree to abide by Shiros plan on Christmas Night, Neko, Kuroh and Shiro stand by on higher levels eager to work together after so long, Neko playfully giggling and making had gestures. As the Green Clansmen push their way through dozens of traps and security gates set up to separate the two and ambush them with the proper manpower, the plan backfires as the two are separated and the two Clansmen are accidentally swapped opposed to the original plan. Neko in her cat form scratches behind her ears softly purring, she looks up and twitches her ears, turning back to her human form, alerting Shiro and Kuroh that someone is coming. Shiro asks her to take care of the Kotosaka, she happily obliges, making chewing motions as she wants to turn it into Christmas Turkey. Sukuna Gojo blasts his way into the room, surprised to see the "Final Boss" and attacks Shiro, being blocked and begins to fight him.

After battling Kuroh, Sukuna insists on fighting despite being at a disadvantage. As soon as Sukuna attempts to strike back again, Yukari cuts his way through the floor and persuades Sukuna to retreat, as the confused Silver King and Clansmen look on, the Shiro reports that his target had also fled after the Green King had begun his own attack on the tower. As the tower becomes locked down, Shiro, Kuroh and Neko examine the damage done by the Nagare, Shiro admitting that he's proceeding much quicker than he had planned, Neko happily enjoying the view from a window that was busted open before accidentally falling. The three scale the tower, realizing that Anna and Nagare have begun fighting, bright and green lights occasionally lighting up whole floors with their aura attacks, noticing the Red and Green Kings Swords of Damocles hovering over the tower. After Nagare is incapacitated by Munakata, Shiro, Kuroh and Neko drop in from a hole in the roof of the building caused by Nagare being knocked up into the air, destroying the outdoor pond, and falling back into the Chamber of Slates.

As Shiro and his Clansmen land, Anna walks into the chamber, Munakata interrogates and taunts Nagare, calling his attack to be animalistic. Nagare compares his own existence to be similar with Miyabi Ameno, defining one another without being bound by human qualities. Neko awkwardly hides behind Kuroh, denying the name as her own. Munakata is surprised to know that Nagare knows her identity, despite them not being able to find her identity using the Yuishiki System. Munakata reveals Nagare's past, as he was once a survivor of the Kagutsu crater incident and had lost his heart, only barely being sustained by the Slate, calling Nagare to be nothing but a toy with a dead battery and a corpse. As Munakata taunts about Nagare not being capable of fighting, Nagare smiles innocently and reveals that he has cleared a path through the buildings security, and that his trump card will fight Munakata. Only minutes later, the area is surrounded in a thick fog.

Munakata swipes away the fog, revealing the true master mind behind Nagare's animalistic, overconfident nature, the Sixth and Gray King Seigō Ōtori under the alias of Tenkei Iwafune. As Nagare declares his victory, Neko and Kuroh attempt to make out what going on in the fog. Tenkei pulls Nagare and pulls out his Colt Navy 1851, firing at Anna after she had fired her aura at him to no avail. Tenkei fires at the on looking Neko and Kuroh, the shot pushing them forward lightly from the blast. Neko and Kuroh shout for Shiro, as he tells them to leave.

After Munakata was defeated by Tenkei and escaped with the Slate and Nagare via a helicopter, Shiro looks on at the missing Slate, Neko asks if Shiro is ok. Shiro meekly looks over at his Clansmen and gives a light smile, surprised his plan backfired. Shiro and Kuroh talk about the probable outcome of the Slate in Nagares hands, turning the populace into strains with the powers of Kings. Neko jokes trying to lighten the mood, asking what will happen when they all are given powers, if they'll all go nude like Neko once was, Kuroh bops her on the head, telling to be serious.

Neko helps keep Shiro company as he attempts to configure a way to stop the ever looming threat of the Slates effect on the populace and the now the media blackout becoming overwhelmed. As Shiro apologizes for being unable to see for himself the chaos outside to Kuroh, Neko happily tosses food into Shiros mouth. After assuring Kuroh that he has a very good work ethic and cooking style, Neko agrees gleefully. Kuroh serves Shiro and Neko Curry, the two excitedly throw up their arms, eager for more of Kuroh's cooking.

The next day, Shiro, Neko and Kuroh sit around the Coffee Table, finally discussing the course of action to be done to destroy the Dresden Slate. Shiro reveals that a Damocles Down would have sufficient power to destroy it. Shiro asks his Clansmen to trust his plan despite it being so dangerous. Neko happily agrees, raising her hand. Shiro pats her head, giggling alongside Neko. Kuroh quickly turns to Shiro, agreeing with his plan of action out of slight jealousy of Neko's attention. The two look over in surprise, Kuroh lightly brushing off his jealousy with an awkward clearing of the throat. Neko looks around the room curiously, but is surprised by Shiro, putting a hand in his pocket and pulling out three Silver medallions. Neko looks down at the medallions curiously, asking what they are. Shio admits that he was somewhat jealous seeing the other Clans having insignia and Clan names, the three admire the medallions.

Shiro asks Kuroh to pick a name that best fits the group. After careful deductions, Kuroh reveals that the name will be White Rice Party, surprising Shiro and Neko. Kuroh sees that their regular diet is normally white rice, and uses his tape recorder of a message from Ichigen, that inside a white rice, you will find happiness. Shiro agrees with the new name, telling them to do their best. Neko hops over to Shiros side, happily agreeing with him. As Shiro begins to inform her of his intention of finding out more of her past, Neko tries to dissuade Shiro of it, seeing as she is Neko, and Shiro cat. Shiro apologizes to Neko before getting an intense headache, the Slate finally being awakened.

As Munakata confronts Tenkei above the Yomito gate, opened by Saruhiko play the role of a double agent, the White Rice Party an HOMRA invade <jungle>'s Secret Base after crashing the Schattenreich near the gate. As the groups descend, Izumo helps clear the way, Neko thanks Izumo for the help and urges him to make more pancakes for her before rushing off with Shiro and Kuroh.

Kuroh stalls for his King and Neko to confront Nagare as he faces off against Yukari. Shiro and Neko make their ways to the room deep underground holding the slate, Nagare addresses Shiro by both his names, Adolf K. Weismann and Yashiro Isana, admitting that he never thought they would make it this far. Nagare attracts his attention to Miyabi who again declines the use of that name, her involvement in being a survivor of the Kagutsu Crater, and the Slates power, only wanting to be alongside her friends Shiro and Kuroh. Nagare releases his full power and flaunts his invulnerability.

Only moments later, Anna uses her marbles to blast several holes through the base of Jungle, Nagare brushes off the fire and questions Yashiro, thinking it to be silly to think it to work. Yashiro reveals he will destroy the slate using Damocles down, shocking Nagare. In a vain attempt, Nagare begins to attack Shiro, Neko aids Shiro, holding him closely to her after he is blown back by Nagares attack. Nagare is about to strike again before being held back by Kuroh's blade, Nagare frantically tries to deduce why they are so powerful, despite refusing power.

As Shiro's Sword of Damocles pierces the slate, Nagare's power runs out. Nagare states that it is unfortunate, and yet satisfying. Nagare falls to the ground and quickly passes. Tenkei approaches the Silver Clansman and their King after being defeated by Munakata and apologizes, having to wrap things up, evacuating the remaining Green Clansman in <jungle>'s Secret Base. He sends Kotosaka away and stays with Nagare as <jungle>'s Secret Base is detonated. As the three look back while being propelled to the surface by Kuroh's spatial hand, they look back one last time.

Neko and Kuroh plea for their King as his presence in the boy begins to distinguish. After Shiro closes his eyes, Hieda's memory returns, looking around, wondering who the people next to him are.

After the Slate's destruction, she's transferred to Ashinaka High School, posing as Adolf's relative, under the name Miyabi Ameno for her registry, but favours Neko as her name.[19]

Powers & Abilities[]

Silver Aura: Members of the Silver Clan possess this silver colored Aura. This Aura has the ability of manipulating gravity.


Sense/Perception Manipulation: Allows her to control the senses of all humans around her at will. So to say she brushes across emotions of people and then proceed to paint over their minds with the information/visions/images, she wants them to soak in. [7] Her powers do lose their effects in various types of situations. Such situations include Neko moving out of range from her illusions, thus no longer being the core for them to take effect from,[4] [10] or by breaking it forcefully as the Kings such as Reisi Munakata and Mikoto Suoh can easily break her illusion through sheer force alone.[4][20] She also can not manipulate people whom emotions she can not read or understand [7]

  • Transformation: Neko is able to change her entire physique. She transforms into a teenage girl or a small kitten,[9] retaining her powers in both forms. In some cases, when Neko transforms abruptly, there is a small cloud of smoke that briefly obscures her during the changing process.[8]

One of Neko's monster cat illusions.

  • Illusion: Neko is able to conjure various illusions using herself as a perimeter. Her illusions are capable cause her victims to see an image different than the one they should be seeing. In most cases, she creates an illusion in relation to the environment she and her victim are in, which causes the latter to view a distorted version of the setting, either minimally or severely. In relation, Neko can conjure physical illusions that range from non-moving objects, such as a wall, or moving objects, such as an human. In the case of an illusion that portrays a living creature, Neko can have it so that they can have unique traits, such as voice and movement, furthermore possessing cat-related themes in most cases.[10]   Neko's illusions are capable of lasting several days without stop should she do nothing that could possibly disrupt them.[13]
  • Sensory Disruption: Perhaps the most basic, yet also a very dangerous effect found in Neko's illusions, is its ability to distort her victim's five senses. People affected by Neko's illusions are automatically inflicted with a perceptive twist, causing them to believe that what they are seeing is actually occurring. Their entire five senses are vulnerable to warping in such a state particularly sight and touch.[10] Even natural disruptions in their true environments, such as rain, are incapable of being perceived by the victim until the illusion has been dispelled.[4]
  • Memory Manipulation: Her ability goes as far as to directly manipulate the memories of those around her and implant new ones. She can lead a person to believe in an identity that was never theirs to begin with. Likewise, she can force a massive group of people to believe that someone they never knew is actually a close friend, classmate, student, ect. Through a more elaborate process, Neko is able to force actual memories into a person's mind, thus allowing them to remember a point in their life that they have actually experienced but have forgotten. The memory that she has them remember can date back to a point before she has even met the person.[4] However, she can only use this in a certain area. After she, Kuroh, and Yashiro left the campus, she refused to allow Yashiro to contact Kukuri via cell phone. When Yashiro called, Kukuri could not remember him, displaying that the manipulation was not affecting her, possibly due to the distance between the two.


  • "I don't understand! I don't understand what you're saying... But I don't need the Slates' help! Neither does Shiro, Kurosuke, or anyone for that matter! We can live fine without it! A lot of bad stuff happened to me before... and I'm sure it might happen again... But when it does, it's not the Slates I want. What I want is some good food... And someone to eat with! That's all that matters... That's all I ever really wanted!" (Episode 13 Return of Kings)


  • Neko's favorite food is Salted and Grilled Horse Mackerel [3]
  • Neko's hobbies are chasing after small things and moving things.[21]
  • The font used for her in the official cards is Metshige.
  • Her name Miyabi (雅日, Miyabi) is composed of two kanji, miyabi (雅, gracious. elegant, refined) and bi (日, day, sun). Her surname Ameno (雨乃, Ameno) is also composed of two kanji, ame (雨, rain) and no (乃, from).
  • Neko's revealed first name, Miyabi (雅日), means "elegance", and could be referring to Wakahirume-no-Mikoto, a weaving deity who served Amaterasu. Further, 雅 (Miyabi) looks very similar to 稚 (waka), often get mixed up, indicating a play on writing on GoRA's part. 'Ameno' means 'of Heaven', thus applies to almost every deity. It is likely her surname refers to Ameno-Uzume, the goddess of mirth, who danced naked to draw Amaterasu out of hiding in her cave.
  • A line that Neko often says, "I'm Neko" (吾輩はネコである, Wagahai wa Neko de Aru), is the name of a famous Japanese satirical novel, I Am a Cat.
  • Neko is the only character to be naked after her cat form.


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