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Kanji 土竜
Rōmaji Mogura
Alias Mole
Race Human (Strain)
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Rakshasa Drug Trafficking
Previous Base of Operations Underground base
Personal Status
Status Imprisoned
Weapon Firearms & Explosives
First appearance
Manga Debut K: Memory of Red Into the Cellar part Two

Codename Mogura is a male Strain that is apart of the Rakshasa group, and is responsible for the drug trafficking. Mogura is arcenistic, enigmatic, and very cunning, capable of luring and cornering two high ranking clansmen, Misaki Yata and Fushimi Saruhiko.


Mogura wears a dark jacket, a hood and beany that obstructs his hair, round and gold shaded goggles, black jeans and black tennis shoes with white soles. He has a backpack with a shoulder strap around his left arm, several satchels attached to his waist for his firearms and explosives and two white belts wrapped around his right thigh.


After the distribution of drug trafficking by the group Rakshasa alerts HOMRA and Scepter 4, the Red clansmen begin investigating into the recent trade. Interrogation of the dealer reveals that the trader was a strain by the alias Mogura, who lives in the underground to evade Scepter 4. Upon further investigation by Yata, he runs into Fushimi, whom had been tracking Mogura on behalf of Scepter 4 after his crimes as a fugitive. No sooner do they discover that the underground is the area where the drugs have been hidden, an improvised explosive collapses the floor from under Yata and Fushimi, forcing them further underground, an area in which their watches cannot communicate with the outside world. Yata and Fushimi continue underground before entering an abandoned subway, subsequently becoming assaulted by Mogura using a pistol and grenades, forcing them to take cover behind crates and strategize. Yata and Fushimi are able to counterattack Mogura and escape through a manhole, in which shortly after Scepter 4 arrives and detains Mogura.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Night Vision: Mogura's ability as a strain is the ability to see in the dark. Mogura uses this ability after trapping Yata Misaki and Saruhiko Fushimi in his underground base, barraging the two with gunfire and grenades in the pitch dark.


Mogura is Japanese for Mole and Soil Dragon.

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