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Mihashira Tower
Mihashira Tower.png
Kanji 七釜戸
Building Information
Type Timeless Palace Headquarters
Location Nanakamado, Tokyo Metropolis
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 9
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Novel Debut K SIDE:RED
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The Mihashira Tower is a tall building located in the Tokyo Metropolis that serves as the headquarters of Timeless Palace.

History[edit | edit source]

Localization[edit | edit source]

The tower is located within Tokyo Metropolis, in the center of Daikaku Kokujōji's domain, Nanakamado.[1]

Design[edit | edit source]

Exterior[edit | edit source]

Outside, the building is a tall tower consisting of several stories, and is mainly silver in color. Two outer sections of the tower peak out, reminiscent of rabbit ears, and contain multiple satellites.[2] the tower's roof rises a bit lower, with a based marked 'H' rounding out its front.

The tower's rooftop garden.

The center is the tower's rooftop garden, and the garden is of a traditional Japanese garden, complete with a bridge and a man-made pond surrounded by rocks.[3]

Interior[edit | edit source]

The parlor room is a room with a large table and plain sliding doors.[4]

Dresden Slate's Room[edit | edit source]

Dresden Slate.

This room is large and widely-spaced, with virtually nothing else in it aside from the Dresden Slate. It has automatically sliding doors with paintings of trees and flowers all set on a plain, yellow background. The walls themselves are red tile, with intricately designed support beams and its floor is glass.[2]

The Dresden Slate is set below the glass floor. Below the flooring is not only the Dresden Slate itself, but an area filled with machinery. Notable scenery are seven mechanisms that are connected directly to the Dresden Slate, and each glow with a different color.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The location of which Mihashira Tower is located, Nanakamado, is influenced by the real life city of Roppongi.

References[edit | edit source]

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