Rōmaji Kotosaka
Race Bird
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Light blue
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation 35px-Jungle_Insignia.png jungle
Occupation Medium
Personal Status
Status Active
Aura Green
First appearance
Anime Debut K Missing Kings
Manga Debut K -Count Down-
Japanese Voice Hiro Shimono
English Voice Quinton Flynn

Kotosaka is a parrot and also a <jungle> Clansman, acting as Nagare Hisui's medium for communication. He possesses human intellect and small amounts of power. His voice changes to Nagare's when Nagare speaks through him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kotosaka appears to be a normal parrot with green feathers and a darker green trim on the end of his tail. His beak is grey with a thick red band around it, and he has light blue eyes. His eyes glow bright green when Nagare speaks through him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kotosaka, so far, has shown a typical habit of parrots, that being repeating what others say, but when talking for himself, he's often insulting and rude. He may also have a mischievous, cruel streak, taking great amusement after he thinks he's electrocuted Neko.

Plot[edit | edit source]

K: Dream of Green[edit | edit source]

Kotosaka was another survivor of the Kagutsu incident. He became Nagare Hisui's first clansman, after biting his nose.

K: Missing Kings[edit | edit source]

Kotosaka is Nagare's medium for communication, and often sticks to Yukari Mishakuji throughout the events of the Mihashira Tower Incident. After Neko, Kuroh Yatogami, and Misaki Yata's infiltration of the tower, Yukari Mishakuji orders Kotosaka to take care of Neko, who is using her 'Cat Mountain' to deter <jungle> Clansmen. Kotosaka succeeds in dispelling Neko's illusion, but is stopped by Izumo Kusanagi's ring of fire.

Later on, Kotosaka appears as Nagare's medium, and Nagare orders Yukari to cease his fighting with Kuroh now that Anna Kushina is no longer a target of theirs.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Electricity: Befitting of a Green Clansman, Kotosaka is capable of generating large amounts of electricity to electrocute enemies with.

Intangibility: Kotosaka is capable of phasing through objects, such as buildings.

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