Kagutsu Crater Incident
Kagutsu Crater
Event Information
Date 11 July, 1999
Location Southern Kanto region
Participants Genji Kagutsu
Jin Habari
Scepter 4
Tenkei Iwafune
Event Guide
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The Kagutsu Crater Incident refers to

the Damocles Down of Genji Kagutsu 14 years prior to K and K Return of Kings' events.[1]

History Edit

After failed attempts by the previous Blue and Grey Kings, Genji Kagutsu's Weisman Levels went out of control, resulting in his Sword of Damocles falling. This resulted in a catastrophic event documented as the Kagutsu Crater Incident, its name originating from the massive crater left behind by Kagutsu's Damocles Down.[2][3]

Impact Edit

With a span reaching 100km, that spread from the an area centred around the southern Kanto region, the Kagutsu Crater is the largest Damocles Down in recorded history, and ended in drastic changes to Japan's topography. It led to over 700,000 deaths including those of Genji Kagutsu, Seigo Otori's Clan Cathedral[3], numerous Scepter 4 Clansmen[2], and the neighbors, friends and family of Nagare Hisui. The Damocles Down also severely disrupted Jin Habari's own Weismann levels, thus, to avoid a second Damocles Down, he had his lieutenant slay him.[2]

Photo 2

Neko caught in the Kagutsu Crater Incident.

Many survivors found help in relief teams, including Neko, whose Strain abilities manifested after the crater occurred.[4] Some even speculate that the Damocles Down triggered a sort of "catalyst" in the population of Strains.[5] Similarly, Nagare Hisui's role as the Green King manifested, ultimately saving him from death, along with being nursed
11-year old Nagare

Nagare injured by the incident.

back to health by Tenkei Iwafune.[3]

Notable VictimsEdit

Name Status

Genji Kagutsu


Jin Habari Deceased
Cathedral Clansmen Deceased

Notable SurvivorsEdit

Name Status



Nagare Hisui Deceased (his body died in the Kagutsu Crater Incident, but he survived thanks to the Slate's influence)
Tenkei Iwafune Deceased (death by incident unrelated to Kagutsu Crater Incident)
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