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Japanese Air Date July 7, 2018
Opening Theme SURVIVE!
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K Seven Stories is the 2018 cinematic adaptation of K produced by the studio GoHands and directed by Shingo Suzuki . It will premiere on Summer 2018.  Thus far the nature of the film(s) has not been disclosed.[1]


Seven Stories will feature seven different stories. Although the list has been released, GoRA specifies the list is not the definitive order, and the titles are under development.[1] 

  • R:B ~BLAZE~
  • SIDE:BLUE ~天狼の如く~
  • SIDE:GREEN ~上書き世界~
  • Lost Small World ~檻の向こうに~
  • メモリー・オブ・ レッド ~BURN~
  • Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~
  • Spin-off Short Movie「ザ•アイドルK」



One year from Scepter 4's dissolution. While the growing HOMRA members run wild and reckless, many are frustrated with new Red King Mikoto Suoh's increasing power and the possibility of him erasing himself.

A news report shows a new Blue King has awakened. Reisi Munakata quickly rebuilts Scepter 4 as the new king, and turns its focus on the confusing acts of HOMRA.

The suffering fate of the Red King and the burning ideals of the Blue King. When young kings meet, a new battle will begin.[2]

In Japanese Theaters on July 7, 2018.[3]

SIDE:BLUE ~天狼の如く~

After the clash of the Red King and the Blue King, it has been 10 years since the Kagatsu Crater Incident that brought unprecedented damage to south Kanto. One man who survived the incident, Gouki Zenjo now belongs to the Blue King, Reisi Munakata of Scepter 4.

Distrust grows in Scepter 4. Munakata recruits Takeru Kusuhara to practice swordsmanship, and plans to establish a Special Forces team to respond to the rapidly increasing number of untrustworthy people.[2]

In Japanese Theaters on August 4, 2018.[3]

SIDE:GREEN ~上書き世界~

The Green King uses phone application JUNGLE to award users extra power as they gain points. The Green King weilds followers like Gojo Sukuna while living at home.

He is the founder of JUNGLE - Nagare Hisui, also known as the Green King.

Sukuna, who has been attracted to the "dream" that Nagare strives for, becomes the highest ranked member of JUNGLE and challenges Yukari Mishakuji, the strongest member of JUNGLE in order to finally meet Hisui.[2]

In Japanese Theaters on September 1, 2018.[3]

Lost Small World ~檻の向こうに~

Synopsis coming soon

In Japanese Theaters on October 6, 2018.[3]

メモリー・オブ・ レッド ~BURN~

Synopsis coming soon

In Japanese Theaters on November 3, 2018.

Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~

Scenes that were brought about by a small prayer. Adolf K. Weismann surrounds the table with his loved ones, Misaki Yata spends fiery days with his friends, Seri Awashima devotes herself to her duties without hesitation, and Sukuna Gojo pursues a dazzling dream, underneath the five Damocles swords floating in the sky.

Everything is the road that came someday, or a place that wasn't anywhere.

And Everything was a mournful sight brought about by a small prayer.[2]

In Japanese Theaters on December 1, 2018.[3]

Spin-off Short Movie「ザ•アイドルK」

Yashiro Isana and Kuroh Yatagomi, Mikoto Suoh and Misaki Yatta, Reisi Munakata and Saruhiko Fushimi, and Nagare Hisui and Yukari Mishakuji run four different entertainment offices and aim to produce idols - and of course, each group has different views on what an idol should be and how they ought to live.[2]

Will screen alongside each episode.[3]


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