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All registered users of K Project Wiki are automatically given their own User Page. However, with this privilege, come some basic rules that must be obeyed.

What is a User Page?[edit source]

The User Page is your own personal page. On K Project Wiki, User Pages are generally used as a "user profile". They give information about a user and their activities on the wiki, ranging from what pages they edit, what they are editing, what rights they hold, what groups they are a member of, etc. They can also show your favourite pages, major contributions to the wiki and what project you are currently undertaking on the wiki.

Rules of the User Page[edit source]

  • No illegal, inappropriate or offensive content - You may place whatever you want on your own User Page, so long as it is not illegal, inappropriate, or offensive.
  • No user is allowed to edit another user's User Page without their expressed permission. A user may, of course, ask for help with their page, and you may offer your assistance on their Talk Page if you believe that they are having difficulty. If another user edits your User Page without permission, you can report it to an Admin. The only exceptions to this are only the Administrators if they are editing the pages to do maintenance for the site or to fix something that violates policy.
  • No user is allowed to copy a characters article and paste it on their User Page- Similarly, no user is allowed to use categories for their User Page that are also used on Articles on the site.
  • No user is allowed to fabricate info that directly affects the site- For example, no user may say that they are an Administrator when they are not.
  • No user is allowed to copy any other user's user page in it's entirety (or near entirety)- This does not mean that you can't copy someone's user page set up or templates or anything like that, it means that you are not to take another users information and say that it is yours.
  • No Fan Art or Fan Fiction is permitted- K Project Wiki does not allow users to put up fan-made imagery or fan fiction in their user pages. This is a factual wiki and such content does not belong here.
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