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This is the K Project Wiki's Manual of Style, if you plan to edit here, your work must meet these conditions:



Articles should be written as if the K universe was the real world. For example, "episodes or chapters" should not be referred to in a sentence. These articles include all character, location, abilities articles. Basically, any article that has information that is based around the contents of the site is an in-universe article.


Articles should also be written in the present tense, with the exception of the History section. In all other sections of the articles, events must be written as though they are currently happening. If the description is found on a deceased character, they must still be written in the present tense.

Referencing Information on Articles[]

  1. All information on this wiki should only come from anime, manga and other official material. Essentially, this would be canonical material from K and K: Memory of Red.
  2. The primary sources for references would be the anime and manga.
  3. The word of GoRA is absolute. GoRA is the writer of the series and anything GoRA makes in manga/anime or otherwise in relation to the K series is official if it is confirmed; an example is seeing it in print. There is no debating on that point.
  4. To add a reference, cite the source of the information inside the <ref></ref> tags. So something like <ref>K Manga: Chapter 1, Pages 1-10</ref>.
  5. Identical references should be combined. By combining identical references, it will help keep the pages clean and orderly. If you do not know how to do this, see Help:Cite.
  6. All references should be in the same style. When in doubt, use your best judgment to make the references match the style of all other references. This will allow the wiki to remain cohesive and consistent.

Anime Reference[]

  • K Anime: Episode 1

Manga Reference[]

  • K Manga: Chapter 50, Page 5

Other Reference[]

  • K: Official Trailer, First Release
  • K: Official Trailer, Second Release