Itsuka no Zero Kara
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Kanji いつかのゼロから
Rōmaji Itsuka no Zero Kara
Song Information
Lyrics atsuko
Music atsuko
Arrangement KATSU
Artist angela
Song Number 01
Insert Number 01
Episode 02
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N/A Circle of Friends

Itsuka no Zero Kara (いつかのゼロから, Itsuka no Zero Kara) is the first insert song of K, sung by angela.


How much a last minute drive
is a dissatisfied faceless chaos
Look! It's only a big talk
being appointed as a joke
what a amazing

It does not load
it's rainy day because
Your feathers became heavy
you cannot fly
Do it like this until you
come over walking

Someday even a sad beginning disappears and becomes zero
Clouds in the far side of the universe… will melt
If it is the heart that changes easily,
it can do so many times.
It is to know the way which stands on a starting line.
It blurs and is that strong.

Why? Eyes in great fear
There is no fence being pressed in candid advice
50/50? DEAD OR LOVE?
There is no right to commit "now"

It rains in order to cool the night without invigoration
Even if I'm absentminded
Even if it does not carry out
Tomorrow will come

Someday even a sad beginning disappears and becomes zero
Clouds in the far side of the universe will melt
If dancing on the stage of regret can become brawny
Even illuminated instincts are outstanding aura

Someday being called an adult carries various things on the back
Dreams at the far side of the place
are being free from illusions
Coating "it's beautiful" on the temporising surface
Even when it is muddy
Even if it smoulders
I want to obtain the shining flame

Donna ni Girigiri drive Fumange na kao no nai chaos
Jyoukei dake ga hora Joudan meite what a amazing

Tsumanai It's rainy day because
Hane ga omoku natte You cannot fly
Dekiru toko made Aruite oide yo

Itsuka kanashii hajimari mo Kieuse zero ni natte
Kumo no kanata no uchuu ni tokete ikundarou
Utsuroiyasui kokoro nara Nando datte yareru sa
Start line ni tatsu sube o shitteru tte
Buretesou de tsuyoi

Doushite? Harahara eyes kugen ni press sareru nante rashikunai
Fifty/fifty? Dead or love? "Ima" o okasu kenri wa nai

Soukaikan naki yoru o Hiyasubeku ame ga furu
Houshin shite mo shinakute mo Tomorrow will come

Itsuka kanashii hajimari mo Kieuse zero ni natte
Kumo no kanata no uchuu ni... tokete ikundarou
Kuyashisa no stage de odoreba Takumashiku nareru sa
Terasareta honnou sae Kiwadatsu oora

Itsuka otona to yobarete Ironna mono o seotte
Yume no kanata datta basho ni Genmetsu shitatte
"Utsukushii" de nurikatamete Uwabe toritsukurotte mo
Doro darake de mo Kusubutte mo
Kagayakeru honoo Te ni shitai

どんなに ギリギリdrive 不満げな顔のないカオス
情景だけがほら 冗談めいて what a amazing

つまない it's rainy day because
羽根が重くなって you cannot fly
できるとこまで 歩いておいでよ

いつか悲しい始まりも 消え失せゼロになって
雲の彼方の宇宙に 。。 溶けていくんだろう
移ろい易い心なら 何度だってやれるさ

どうして? ハラハラEyes 苦言二プレスされるなんてらしさくない
50/50? DEAD OR LOVE? 「今」を犯す権利は無い

爽快感無き夜を 冷やすべく雨が降る
放心してもしなくても Tomorrow will come

いつか悲しい始まりも 消え失せゼロになって
雲の彼方の宇宙に 溶けていくんだろう
悔しさのステージで踊れば 逞しくなれるさ
照らされた本能さえ 際立つオーラ

いつか大人と呼ばれて いろんなモノを背負って
夢の彼方だった場所に 幻滅したって
「美しい」で塗り固めて 上辺取り繕っても
泥だらけでも くすぶっても
輝ける炎 手にしたい


Itsuka no Zero Kara
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