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Kanji ヒンメルライヒ
Rōmaji Hinmeruraihi
Vehicle Information
Owner Adolf K. Weismann
Type Zeppelin
Application Transportation
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 5 (K: Stray Dog Story)
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Himmelreich (ヒンメルライヒ, Hinmeruraihi) is the airship that belongs to the Silver King, Adolf K. Weismann.


The airship was first built by Adolf K Weismann in 1945 after the end of World War II to disassociate himself from the outside world. [1]


Weissmann on the Himmelreich

Sometime after the war, the airship entered Japan's airspace because Weissmann needed to assure himself of the fate of the dream he himself started—now continued by Daikaku Kokujōji. [2]

The Himmelreich continued to float in the sky in a set path until December 8, when the Colorless King hijacked Weismann's body and taken control of the airship.

A few days later, Scepter 4's helicopters engaged the airship to apprehend the Sliver King after a lead by Yashiro Isana. The Colorless King set off explosives in the airship before the helicopters could approach, destroying and crashing the Himmelreich.

The destroyed airship was recovered by the Usagi and rebuilt by the Gold King's order to serve as a refuge for Weismann until he recovers. The newly rebuilt airship was named Schattenreich.

Kokujouji Daikaku spent his last moments in the ship, accompanied by the recovered Weismann. After Kokujouji's death, Schattenreich again enters Shizume Town's airspace, where Weissmann jumps off of it for the second time. [3]


The airship is freely cruising across the sky of Tokyo Metropolis[4] with fifteen different routes.

However, ever since the murder of Tatara Totsuka, it has been completely changing its cruising patterns.[5]

As of K: Return of Kings, the airship is once more located above Shizume Town and - presumably - continue to fly with it's predetermined routes before the Colorless King incident.



It's an airship with a modern wavelike design to it, which could have been inspired by a Blue Whale.

On the top side in the front of the airship the sentence "Vater unser im Himmelreich" is written. Which is the beginning of the Lord's Prayer in German.


The main interior of the airship is the hall where Adolf K. Weismann usually spends his time. It is a spacious hall, decorated with a single leather couch, surrounded by glass windows from which one can see the outside view.[6]

This hall is large enough for him to freely dance around it. It would seem that the tiles of the hall light up every time the Silver King steps on them while he dances.[5]

The airship's floor was apparently something like a double-sided PDA screen, projecting a bird’s-eye view of the city.[7]


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  • It is nicknamed the "Sky Whale" by the citizens of Shizume.
  • There is an urban legend in Shizume that if someone sad points their PDA / 'candle' at Himmelreich, those from above (Adolf) will come down and rescue them.
  • From German, Himmelreich means "Kingdom of Heaven". The rebuilt airship was named Schattenreich, which means "Realm of Shadows".
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