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Daichi Yamata
Img character yamata.png
Kanji 矢俣大智
Rōmaji Yamata Daichi
Race Human
Age 20[1]
Birthday March 22[2]
Horoscope Aries[4]
Height 1.66 cm[3]
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation 35px-Homura_Insignia.png Homra
Previous Occupation Clansman
Personal Status
Status Active
Japanese Voice Taku Yashiro

Daichi Yamata (矢俣大智, Yamata Daichi) is a member of HOMRA


Yamata very small and slim has a baby face, he use to have black hair but dyed it after he joined Homura.[5]


Yamata believes he can do anything if he has the power, he has no hesitance in tricking others and using them. He is not satisfied and always frustrated.[6]


he use to be an honor student since he was in elementary school,He dropped out of high school after he was bullied.[7]

After that, he became a member of “Homura”. After the incident a part-time job.[8]


Powers & Abilities[]

he is C ranked in terms of power.[9]

he has a great leadership by grouping people with similar positions.[10]

hes great at tactics has commercial talent.[11]



  • His likes are Suoh Mikoto[12]
  • his dislikes are listed as having a Miserable life[13]
  • his habits are that he is bad at making decisions [14]
  • what hes good at is making and hanging out with friends [15]
  • His hobbies are that he has a pet snake[16]
  • for his sense of fashion is that hes aware of appearance and clothing others cannot see[17]


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