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Kagutsu... What have you done?
Kanji カテドラル
Rōmaji Kasedoraru
Clan Information
King Seigō Ōtori
Aura Grey
Location Southern Kanto Region
Status Inactive
First appearance
Anime Debut Kaput

Cathedral, (|大聖堂) known as the Grey Clan, is a Clan that was devastated during the Kagutsu Crater Incident, the only survivor being the Grey King Seigō Ōtori, who then went into hiding, changing his name to Tenkei Iwafune, and became a J-rank for <jungle>.[1]


At the time, the young Seigō Ōtori established Cathedral, which later became the second most influential clan, with the Gold Clan Timeless Palace being the first. He came to be greatly respected by both his clansmen and ordinary citizens. Cathedral's last goal was to prevent the Kagutsu Crater Incident, but this failed and all of Cathedral's clansmen were killed with Seigō being the only survivor of his clan. After discovering Nagare Hisui in the aftermath of the Damocles Down, he took the young boy under his care and changed his name to Tenkei Iwafune.

14 years later, Iwafune finally reveals his true identity, coming face to face with the Blue King Reisi Munakata who begins to tell the tragedy of Cathedral, and calling him once again the Grey King Seigō Ootori, to this Iwafune claims that Seigō Ōtori did indeed die that day, and plays dumb despite releasing his fog sanctum's "ultimate defence."

Alliance Edit

A very short-lived alliance was made with the Kings of Scepter 4 and Cathedral before Genji Kagutsu's Damocles Down. While both Seigō Ōtori and the then Blue King Jin Habari survived, Cathedral was decimated while Jin was later slain by Gōki Zenjō before his own Damocles Down.


Clansmen uniforms of Cathedral, as the name implies, are similar to a church priest's attire.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Main article: Aura

Clansmen of Cathedral use the fog sanctum, able to create fog and mist. This aura is regarded as having the characteristic of "absolute defence".[1]

Imbued weaponsEdit

Main article: Aura

Clansmen of Cathedral are able to channel their aura into their weapons, this is shown through Iwafune's silver-coloured Colt Navy 1851. He's able to channel his Aura into it and shoot powerful bullets. The imbued bullets have the ability to even break through Scepter 4 swords, as proven during the battle between Iwafune and Munakata.[1]

Radar JammingEdit

The fog produced by the grey clans sanctum is also able to act as a sort of smokescreen that can jam radars and deep scans. Scepter 4's radars where unable to track the chopper stealing the slate from Mihashira tower due to the Fog sanctums ability to jam them.[1]





Seigō Ōtori Deceased †



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