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M'name is 'Senkōki'. It's m'job to make straight, pretty holes.

–'Senkōki', introducing himself to Mikoto Suoh.

Alias Strain Killer
Race Human (Strain)
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Light
Professional Status
Previous Base of Operations Nanakamado Chemotherapy Research Center
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First appearance
Novel Debut K SIDE:RED

'Senkōki' is a male Strain held within the Usagi's Nanakamado Chemotherapy Research Center as a criminal charged with multiple accounts of murder. He is simple-minded, yet aggressive, and lives to fight. He is only referred to as 'Senkōki', implying it is not his true name.[1]


'Senkōki' is a large, muscular man with short, light hair and blue eyes.[1]

He wears little clothing, and only wore a pair of dark pants.


'Senkōki' is simple-minded and aggressive. He is said to have killed many other Strains, and takes great joy in fighting strong people. He makes "innocent" expressions - mostly smiles - that don't fit his intimidating appearance.

He speaks simply and childishly, often about how he would never stop fighting, and even referring to his constant fighting as his "job". Given his simple speech, he is a blunt man.

In combat, he is extremely aggressive and relentless, and intends to always kill his targets. Along with this, he never evades attacks. In his battle with Mikoto Suoh, he expresses discontent when not being acknowledged. Nonetheless, fighting is his primary source of joy, even in death.[1]


'Senkōki' had murdered many Strains, and earned the nicknamed "Strain Killer". At some point, he was apprehended by the Usagi and taken to the Nanakamado Chemotherapy Research Center.[1] He likely underwent many of Kōshi Mizuchi's experiments to test out the limits of his own abilities and Mizuchi's regenerative factor.

Mizuchi uses 'Senkōki' as a way to deter Mikoto, and the two's battle stems over a considerable amount of time. It isn't until Mizuchi's regenerative ability starts to lose its effectiveness that Mikoto eventually defeats him. Even when 'Senkōki' is seriously injured, he declares that he will keep on fighting to the end. Afterwards, Mikoto burns him to death from the inside, starting with his heart.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Strain Edit

Enhanced Strength: As a Strain, 'Senkōki' possessed immense strength. He was capable of punching a hole through any surface.


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